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The Best BYOB Restaurants in Dublin

Great food and bring your own bottle? Here is our list of places.


Whether you want to save some cash, or if you have a particular wine or beer you want to drink, seeing the words 'bring your own bottle' is a blessing.

If you are looking for a great spot for a date or for a night out with friends then these BYOB restaurants are going to be right up your street.  

1. The Vintage Kitchen, Poolbeg Street, Dublin 2

Corkage: Lunch €4/Dinner €5

 The Vintage Kitchen is nestled away in the heart of Dublin city centre and has been recognised as one of the best dining spots in Dublin since the day it opened. Not only can you bring your own wine, but The Vintage Kitchen also encourages you to bring your own vinyl can be played on its 1970s record player.  The menu proudly highlights great Irish produce and you can also try their sister restaurant, The Little Kitchen Restaurant on Leeson Street for another great BYOB spot.

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2. The Dog House, Howth, Co Dublin

Corkage: €1.75 per beer/wine €7.50

Located in the beautiful fishing town of Howth, The Dog House is one of the most unique spots around. There is a double bed in the centre of the room, and you can't help but wonder "what is that all about?" when you walk in, but it works. The room itself is decked in fairy lights and trinkets, with a real fireplace - you can't help but make yourself at home here. There are also delicious wood-fired oven pizzas in the bohemian style tea room. 

3. Dada, South Willam Street, Dublin 2

Corkage for wine: €5

Moroccan food is a combination of cultures and cuisine from North Africa, Europe and Southern Spain. Once you walk into Dada you are greeted with the amazing smell of cumin and saffron, which really gets you in the mood for the meal ahead. The decor here will amaze anyone who goes for the first time, there is always a great atmosphere and there are belly dancers on during the week! 

4. Zakura, Wexford Street, Dublin 2

Corkage: €4

Wexford Street was once recognised for being a student haven, in recent years it has been transformed. Now it is home to some of the best restaurants in Dublin. Zakura serves delicious traditional Japanese food, from ramen to gyoza, in a casual and relaxed environment. It is a no frills kind of place - sometimes you just want to dive straight into the food without any faffing. Great spot for a quick lunch or an evening with friends.  

5. Basil, Ringsend Road, Dublin 4

Corkage: Wine €5/ Beer €1per bottle

Owner Basil Whelan converted his father's (also named Basil) childhood home into this amazing woodfire pizza restaurant. Basil produces great Neapolitan style pizzas from a shipping container that was built by Basil and his brother – it is worth a visit just to see it in action. There is no need to go suited and booted for Basil, as it has a wonderfully relaxed vibe. Just pop in after work with your bottle of wine or beer and you will have a ball. 

6. Lil Portie, Rathmines, Dublin 6

In the past, Ireland wouldn't have been well known for having a culturally diverse food scene but we are certainly getting there. Lil Portie is probably one of the trendiest pop-ups around at the moment. Jamaican food is like a melting pot of cultures which combines great flavours. This Jamaican pop-up calls Square Fifty Two home each Friday and Saturday night. It is a celebration of this amazing culture and cuisine, with the addition of BYOB!

Just a note: You can also head to Fallon & Byrnes for their amazing €1 corkage on any wine in the store every Monday and Tuesday.

Where is your favourite BYOB spot in Dublin? Let us know in the comments below.