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These Five Spots Serve Up the Coolest Tea in the Capital

Our favourite places to get a cuppa.


We Irish people love our tea, so we thought it was only right that we create a list of where to get the best cuppa in the capital.

While most people might debate about which tea brand is better (Lyons, obviously), drinking tea outside of your home can be a little more tricky. Some places have mugs that are too small, use a bad blend of leaves or are just uncomfortable in general, which can all combine to create an unsatisfactory tea-drinking experience.

A home-brewed cuppa is usually the best way to go, but we think we’ve found five places to drink tea in Dublin that will satisfy your thirst. Read on to find out more about our five favourite places to drink tea in Dublin.

1. Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge, Stephen Street Lower

One of the only places in Dublin that is alcohol-free and open late, Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge is a haven for tea in Dublin. With a huge range of loose-leaf teas from Suki Tea on offer, you'll definitely be able to find a brew to enjoy.

2. Tea Garden, Lower Ormond Quay

Established in 2008, Tea Garden on Lower Ormond Quay is a great alternative spot for tea in Dublin. Offering a massive range of teas, including oolong, green, matcha and more, you'll be able to find your perfect blend and enjoy it in comfy surroundings.

3. Clement & Pekoe, South William Street

Clement & Pekoe is definitely one of our favourite teas (the ginger and lemon is particularly good) and the café on South William Street is a great place to enjoy a cuppa. The staff are obsessed with loose-leaf, so they'll be able to advise you on the best blend to suit your preferences.

4. Wall & Keogh, Richmond Street South

One of Dublin's best-known teas, Wall & Keogh is always a good spot to visit for tea in Dublin. There are over 150 blends to choose from, as well as tasty treats to enjoy, so you'll be sure to find a nice cuppa to enjoy.

5. The Vintage Teapot, Cathedral Street

Run by the great team behind M&L Chinese, The Vintage Teapot will always be popular for tea in Dublin. With a range of relaxing Chinese teas on offer, alongside cake and delicious treats, a visit to The Vintage Teapot is always a good way to spend an afternoon.

Where do you like to drink tea in Dublin? Let us know in the comments below.