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You Need To Try This New Iced Coffee Experience In Dublin

Nespresso's two new coffees are sure to cool you down.


Summer has well and truly arrived in Dublin and the heat has seriously us craving iced coffee. Luckily, Nespresso recently launched their limited edition iced coffees to help cool us all down!

Iced coffee has gained serious popularity in the past 20 years or so, but we'd bet you didn't know that it originated a lot earlier than the 1990s. The first true iced coffee was created in the mid-19th century, around 1840, when French Foreign Legion soldiers began to drink coffee syrup with cold water to stay refreshed and alert during the siege of Mazagran, Algeria. Post-war, French soldiers returned to Paris, craving their new, cool drink, which they had dubbed mazagran, and thus the iced coffee was born.

Since then, iced coffee has spread around the world, from Vietnamese iced coffee made with condensed milk to the ever-popular Starbucks frappucino. While you may think you need to venture outside your home to get a decent iced coffee, Nespresso has changed the game and created a new way for you to create your own delicious iced coffee in your very own kitchen.

The Nespresso Coffee Experts have been hard at work, developing their limited edition iced coffee range which comes in two delicious varieties. Each can be made with a super simple three-step recipe, so you don't have to take the time to cold brew or drive to your nearest café. We were lucky enough to preview the new Nespresso coffees this week at the company's bespoke Duke Street store in Dublin, so we can confirm that these new offerings taste as good as they sound!

First up we tried the Long Black Over Ice, which is a blend of South American and East African coffees known for their floral and fruity aromas. Made with ice and sparkling water, this coffee is super refreshing – try it with a little coconut syrup for some extra sweetness. The Flat White Over Ice was next, combining dark roast coffee with frothy milk and a drop of caramel to create a fabulously icy treat. 

To celebrate these new coffees, Nespresso has also created limited-edition versions of its VertuoPlus machine. Inspired by the Australian summer, these machines come in navy blue or white, matching the new blue and yellow coffee pods. 

The Nespresso store on Duke Street will be demonstrating how to make these delicious coffees at the in-store tasting bar, plus if you visit, you'll be able to get lots of tips and tricks from the Nespresso coffee experts. As it has been scorching outside over the past few days, we recommend you head to Duke Street to get your iced coffee fix and learn how to make the perfect one at home.

To learn more about Nespresso's newest range of iced coffees and Australian-themed machines, click here.