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What to eat

What We're Cooking This Week

Five delicious recipes to get you through the week.


It's the start of a new week which means it's time to figure out what to cook.

Our food cravings have inspired this list, based on recipes we've been posting on the site lately. The five dishes below are ones we know we'll cook again and again, so try them out with us and let us know what you think!

Charred Beef Rump Steak With Tarragon Butter

We took a look at hanger steak in this week's Back To Basics guide and ever since, we've been obsessed with the idea of this gorgeous rump steak recipe from Dan Keane. The tarragon butter is so moreish and versatile that we can imagine using it in mashed potatoes, to baste roast chicken and much more. Get the recipe here.

Vegan Meringues

Vegan diets have massively increased in popularity over the past number of years, so much so that it's not uncommon to see multiple vegan options on menus. However, vegan desserts can often be a little lacking, which is where this meringue recipe comes in. Made with chickpea liquid, these vegan meringues imitate the texture and flavour of regular meringues so well that you'd hardly notice the lack of egg. Get the recipe here

Sri Lankan Cashew Curry

It's so cold outside that we really just need some comfort food, which is where this curry recipe comes in. Made with cashews, chickpeas and coconut milk, this recipe is filling, warming and really easy to whip up. This recipe is fairly healthy, so if you're looking to introduce some flavoursome goodness to your diet, this is the recipe for you. Try it here.

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

Another warming dish, this recipe is total comfort food and perfect for a chilly day like today. When the temperatures drop, we can't get enough of soup recipes like this, so we know that we'll end up making this dish several times this winter. Try it out here.

Toffee Apple Cupcakes

If you're in need of a treat, this cupcake recipe is sure to do the job. Full of flavour and perfect for this time of year, this Edward Hayden recipe is very impressive. While we love cupcakes, we think this recipe would work very well as a large cake too. Get the recipe here.