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What to eat

10 recipes that are perfect for Valentine's Day brunch

And best served in bed.


Because nothing says "you mean the world to me" like breakfast in bed.

The old saying rings true: the way to anyone's heart is through their stomach.

But why wait until dinner to show your Valentine how much you care when you can 'wow' your loved one with a sweet and romantic breakfast in bed. No matter who you're celebrating with — whether it's friends, family, or a romantic partner — these easy recipes will make them feel loved as soon as they wake up. 

Ahead, we've found the best Valentine's Day breakfast ideas that will make your morning as romantic as possible. From sophisticated eggs on toast to playful pancakes to Instagram worthy açaí bowls, there's bound to be something you and your special someone will love. Bonus: we've even included a sweet mimosa recipe to accompany whatever dish you choose. 

And if you're looking for romantic eats for later in the day, we've got you covered with Valentine's Day dinner recipes that'll make you fall in love...and sharing desserts perfect for two!

Buttermilk pancakes

Because who doesn't love pancakes? By using buttermilk, these American-style pancakes are thicker than crêpes but have a light and fluffy texture. Get the recipe, here. 

Banana bread waffles

If your other half was bitten by the banana bread craze at the start of lockdown, these banana bread waffles are bound to impress. Top with pecans, banana slices and warm maple syrup. Get the recipe, here. 

Sausage and egg muffins

If a trip to the drive-thru is all it takes to make your significant other happy, why not bring the drive-thru to them with these sausage and egg muffins. Trust us, they taste the very same - if not better. Get the recipe, here. 

Açai bowl

Really want to impress your Valentine? Whip up their favourite smoothie and rather than slinging it into a glass and calling it a day, type in #acaibowls on Instagram and you'll see what we mean. Simply pour the smoothie into your fines bowl and arrange berries, granola and even an edible flower or two. Get the recipe, here. 

Shakshuka with preserved lemon yoghurt

Shakshuka features poached eggs in a hearty, spiced tomato and pepper sauce. Sometimes you’ll find artichoke, feta or even olives in shakshuka, but feel free to top yours with whatever you like. The spices vary somewhat as well; most commonly used are garlic, cumin and smoked paprika. Put your flair on this popular brunch recipe. Get the recipe, here. 

All day breakfast pizza

Poached eggs, Cornflakes or Pizza? The choice – although seemingly obvious – is yours. According to one dietitian, pizza is actually a more balanced way to start your day than cereal. NYC-based dietician Chelsey Amer told ABC News: "Surprisingly, pizza can be a more balanced breakfast option than many sugar-filled breakfast cereals. A slice of plain cheese pizza contains a balance of carbs, protein, and fat. But if the idea of tucking into a pepperoni pizza before you've had your morning coffee doesn't sit right, why not try this delicious all day breakfast pizza? Made with the toppings of all your typical fry-up ingredients, this is essentially a breakfast roll laid flat. Get the recipe, here. 

Real beans on toast

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that comes out tops. Why fuss about with poached eggs and avocados when you could serve up a hearty plate of beans on toast - gourmet style. If you really want to push the boat out, why not cut the toast into playful hearts? Get the recipe, here. 

Eggs benedict 

A classic brunch dish, eggs benedict is our go-to order for a hotel breakfast. Why not recreate the feeling of a five-star hotel that you wish you were waking up in this Valentine's Day by preparing eggs benedict and serving room-service style? Get the recipe, here. 

Banana and peanut butter vegan pancakes

If you've ever tried making pancakes as a vegan, you may have been left feeling a little less than satisfied. But we're here to tell you that fluffy vegan pancakes are 100% possible. Get the recipe, here.  

Classic mimosa 

Making a mimosa couldn’t be simpler, as it only requires 2 basic ingredients: chilled sparkling wine and orange juice. That’s it! For this cocktail, you don’t even need ice. In fact, for the best results, you should avoid using it, as it will dilute and diminish the wine’s carbonation. For a really cold, bubbly cocktail, chill the wine and orange juice the night before you plan to make mimosas. When you’re ready to serve, pour the prosecco or champagne into a tilted champagne flute, letting it run down the inside of the glass to avoid losing carbonation. Top with the orange juice, taste and adjust.

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