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What to eat

What we're cooking this week

Try these summer-inspired comfort dishes to get you through the week, some cheesy, mostly carby and many brightened up with basil, spices, yoghurt or citrus.


This month is ripe with chances to enjoy the company of family and friends and some good Summer comfort foods. 

One cursory glance out the window today and if it weren't for the abundance of May 4th memes on social media, you'd struggle to believe that it is in fact May. Temperatures have dropped, the heavens have opened and we're all rooting to the back of our wardrobes to dig out the wooly jumpers we optimistically put away last week. 

While in winter, bad weather is slightly tolerable thanks to the range of belly-warming dishes you can rustle up on an evening – bad weather in summer is a harder pill to swallow. Why? Well, slurping up a big bowl of hot soup may be appealing in December but in May...less so. Thus creating this week's conundrum: is there such a thing as summer comfort food?

Thankfully, the answer is yes. From light pasta bowls to barbecued burgers and tacos, comfort food doesn't need to mean resorting to stodgy stews and heavy winter desserts. 

Keep scrolling for what's on the FOOD&WINE menu this week. 

And be sure to save this post to your browser because there's going to come a night this week where you're wondering what to cook – and we've got the answers.

One-tray chicken wings

Chicken wings are a great dish for getting stuck into. The hot spice from the sauce combined with the crisp skin is a match made in comfort food heaven. What's even more appealing, however, is the fact that this is a one-tray dish. Everything you need is roasted together on one tray, before the vegetables are blitzed into a punchy tomato and red pepper dip, perfect for dunking your crispy chicken wings. Try it here. 

Pineapple and ginger ice cream

There's a reason why ice cream is found in the hands of the recently heartbroken female character in every film ever: it's comforting. Even before you take a bite, the very thought of of ice cream alone is enough to conjure dreams of sunny weekend days lounging on the beach, swimming in the sea and taking a break from the heat with a delicious ice-cold treat. Now, that's comforting. This homemade pineapple and ginger ice cream recipe could not be easier to make at home and delivers on big flavours. Try it out, here.  

Spaghetti aglio e olio

What’s more comforting than a bowl full of pasta? This one needs only five ingredients and is jam-packed with flavour. It comes together in less than an hour and is best served with a cold glass of pinot grigio. Try it out, here. 

Feta falafel burgers with wedges

When it comes to comfort food, we argue nothing can beat a well-stacked burger. Why not go meat-free tonight and make these tasty feta falafel burgers? Make crisp chickpea patties flavoured with plenty of garlic, oregano and tomatoes for a thick falafel burger, then layer into buns with a tangy feta and yogurt sauce and fresh cucumber slices - delcious! Try the recipe, here. 

Coffee and walnut cake

Because there are few things in life that can't be fixed with a slice of cake. While chocolate fudge is always an excellent choice for a comforting cake, this coffee and walnut cake really takes first place. It goes without saying that coffee is an instant mood booster but when combined with walnuts (one of the few plant sources for healthy omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that's beneficial for both the brain and the heart), one slice of this indulgent cake will make everything feel better - promise. Get the recipe, here. 

BBQ chicken and avocado tacos

These fully-loaded tacos are the ultimate comfort food – ideal for sharing with the family during a movie night or on a sunny afternoon in the garden. Fill warm tortillas with torn barbecue chicken, homemade slaw, and of course the all-important guacamole. Try the recipe, here. 

Coconut almond fudge

It's hard to go wrong with a recipe from Camerino Bakery and this one is no different. This delicious fudge is deceptively simple to make and just so happens to be vegan, meaning it's the perfect treat to pack for your plant-based picnics. Try the recipe, here. 

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