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Snails le perroquet
Image from Le Perroquet
What to eat

Come out of your shell: try snails

The French restaurant has introduced a classic dish that you need to taste.


The Dublin restaurant Le Perroquet has a new menu which includes escargots, or snails to you and me. Are you adventurous enough to try them? 

They’re high in protein and iron, they’re produced in Ireland, and they taste delicious with a glass of pinot blanc or Chablis. 

They’re snails, and if you haven’t been brave enough to try them up till now, Nick Munier and Chris Fullam of Le Perroquet in Dublin reckon they have the dish to convert you to this French classic.  

The restaurant, which specialises in small plates, has a new menu which includes a dish of snails with porcini mushrooms in a porcini and white wine sauce, served on sourdough.  

Chris got his inspiration for the dish having travelled to France during our two-week winter break,” Nick Munier told FOOD AND WINE. “He saw how the French eat their meals with lots of bread in order to savour every last morsel of sauce, and he wanted to create a sauce that would be so delicious it would leave the guest wanting more.” 

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Snails from Le Perroquet. Image from @chefchrisfullam on Instagram.
Snails from Le Perroquet. Image from @chefchrisfullam on Instagram.

The bottom line

The chef also wanted to help Irish people get over their reluctance to eat snails.   

“The sauce compliments rather than overpowers the escargots, and the different textures delivered on the plate allow even a novice guest to enjoy them,” Munier said.  

“We’re trying to encourage people to be a bit different. We’re serving the snails with their shells off, and the fact that it’s a small plate costing only €7 means people can try it without putting a big dent in their wallet. 

Fullam has sourced the snails from Gaelic Escargot in Co Carlow. As for what to drink with them, Munier has a few suggestions.  

“From our own list, I’d go for the Léon Boesch La Cabane pinot blanc 2017," he said. “For a higher-end option, try the Chablis 1er Cru Domaine Colombier - you can never go wrong Chardonnay and snails! 

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