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Five delicious potato recipes

If you love spuds as much as we do, then you will want to try these five recipes.


Irish people love their spuds, so we thought we'd share some of our favourite recipes. 

Potatoes were introduced to Ireland in the mid-16th century and since then, the whole nation made potatoes a staple of their diet. A very nutritious food, they are popular due to their versatility and cheap price. 

If, like us, you're a big fan of spuds then you'll love the recipes below. If you try them out, make sure to tag us on Instagram at @foodandwineireland and we'll share our favourites in our stories. Happy cooking!


This recipe for Indonesian potato cakes comes to us courtesy of Kevin O'Toole, the brilliant chef at Chameleon in Temple Bar. These aren't the classic Irish potato cakes you might be expecting, but they are packed full of flavour and use potatoes so well. Try the recipe here

Potato and dulse bread 

This recipe from David O'Halloran of Blath na Mara highlights two of Ireland's best ingredients: potatoes and seaweed. We love the addition of dulse to this potato bread, as it elevates a traditional recipe to something truly special. If you're looking for a unique way to use potatoes today, then this bread is the way to go. Try it out here

Rabbit croquettes with potato terrine

We absolutely love how Elaine Murphy of The Legal Eagle in Dublin has utilised potatoes in this rabbit dish. The potato terrine is sort of like a potato gratin or dauphinoise, without any cream, allowing the flavours to speak for themselves. It might require a bit of work, but this dish is certainly worth it. Try it out here.

Tom's potato and watercress salad 

Tom O'Connell shared this recipe with us when we visited the O'Connell family home in Laois earlier this year and we have been thinking about it ever since. This potato salad is so fresh and full of flavour that you'll make it again and again. Try it out now at this link.

Egg, chorizo, kale and potato hash

A perfect brunch dish, this easy recipe comes from Ethna Reynolds of Nook in Sligo. The flavour combination of chorizo, kale and potato works so well together, and the runny egg finishes the dish off beautifully. If you're looking for a quick, delicious dish, then this recipe is exactly what you need. Try it out here