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What to eat

What we're cooking this week

Make dinnertime exciting again.


It's the first week of January meaning it's high time we figure out what to cook!

Bad news – the festive period is officially over.

The turkey is gone, Bucks Fizz is no longer an appropriate breakfast beverage, and first-day-back-at-school anxiety is abundant. Rather than sit on our couch all day, wrapped in a king-size duvet watching daytime television, we have been plunged straight back into reality. Reality demands that you wear actual clothes (well, at least from the waist up), and get out of bed before 9 am, and stop eating three lunches in one afternoon. The first week of January is tough on us all - especially in these challenging times but there is hope. 

Good news – it's almost dinnertime. 

If last year thought us anything, it's that cooking is therapeutic and joyful. While now once again a necessity given further lockdown restrictions, cooking exciting and tasty meals from the comfort of our own kitchen is one new year's resolution we intend on keeping.

Below, we've rounded up just five tasty dinner ideas for the week ahead that will ease the transition back to work. These uncomplicated family dinner ideas will please everyone - even the kids. From cosy casseroles to one-pot paella, easy pasta dishes to cheesy burgers, you’ll have endless delicious recipes to choose from night after night, whether you have all day to prep or just minutes.

Mocha & walnut overnight oats

Allegedly, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we think it's important to fuel up properly for the day ahead. This mocha and walnut overnight oats recipe is surprisingly filling and can be made ahead, so you don't have to skip breakfast when you wake up late on your first day back at work...Plus! It has a rich chocolate and espresso flavour - the perfect pick me up. Get the recipe, here. 

Spanish chickpea and potato bake

For when you need something a little more indulgent but still want to keep it meat-free, try this tasty Spanish chickpea and potato bake. With chickpeas and roasted root vegetables in a hot, garlicky sauce, topped with melted cheese - this makes for the ultimate comfort food. Get the recipe, here. 


Slow cook Thai duck curry

This creamy, aromatic curry is easy to make and guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family. Put all the ingredients into a slow cooker and leave for six hours to let the spices infuse and voila! dinner is served. It really doesn't get any easier or stress-free than this delicious dish. Get the recipe, here

Roast chicken with stem broccoli 

Granted, you may have had your fill of roast dinners over the past few weeks but can one ever really be tired of roast potatoes, mash and gravy? We think not. See, cooking the perfect roast chicken is guaranteed to boost your culinary ego and you really can't go wrong with this recipe from Rob Krawczyk. The best part about roasting the whole bird is that you'll easily get more than one meal out of it, which will take a bit of pressure off you throughout the week. For some inspiration on how to get the most out of a whole chicken, check out our guide here, and don't forget to try out Rob's recipe while you're at it. Get the recipe, here. 

Coconut Almond Fudge

We all know the world is eating too much meat and with last year marking a record number of people signing up for a month-long (and maybe longer) attempt at going vegan, it's obvious the planet-conscious trend is catching. But, whether you're newly vegan, or just keen to get back on track after an indulgent festive season, finding new and interesting recipes is, without doubt, one of the biggest challenges we face this time of year...especially in the dessert department. This delicious fudge is deceptively simple to make and just so happens to be vegan, meaning it's perfect for your plant-based diet. Get the recipe, here. 

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