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Fallon & Byrne PicnicHarry Weir and Brian Clarke
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Perfect Irish Picnic Recipes

Easy, delicious recipes that are perfect for ourdoor dining.


Although sunny days can be few and far between on our beloved isle, these perfect Irish picnic recipes from Tom Meenaghan of Fallon & Byrne work just as well indoors.

"When we cast our minds back to summer days of yore, picnics really evoke lasting childhood memories. Everything can be made bite-size or as a larger dish, bearing in mind that, at a picnic, a knife and fork shouldn’t be necessary. And sun isn’t mandatory – all of these recipes will work really well for informal gatherings at home: an indoor picnic, if you will."  -Tom Meenaghan

Try Tom's perfect Irish picnic recipes below.

Caramelised Onion and Goat’s Cheese Tart

"This tart tastes really good served cold and the combination of the St. Tola and onion packs a flavour punch. It works in multiple formats – as canapés, for a light lunch or something more substantial. The micro rocket can be bought in any good artisan food shop and gives a lovely pepper kick for something so small."

Try the recipe here.

Baby Gem Wraps With Squash And Feta Cheese

"What could be better for a picnic than a salad in the hand? This is a very robust dish, ideal for transporting and each morsel truly represents the colours of summer. The gorgeous Middle Eastern flavours combine with the sweetness of the squash, the saltiness of the feta, the tartness of the pomegranate and the zinginess of the sumac."

Get the recipe here.

Grilled Chicken And Courgette Tartine With Mint Gremolata

"A fancy name for an open sandwich. These ingredients come together like a dream and taste so very moreish. The standout is the cooking method for the tomatoes – on a tray in the oven with a bit of salt – giving an amazing punchy flavour and transforming an everyday item into something really special."

Get the recipe here.

Mini Fruit Scones With Orange Blossom Butter

"We use buttercream for these mini scones, as it tastes great but also because whipped cream doesn’t hold, and we don’t want the cream to let us down at a picnic."

Try the recipe now. 

Meringue With White Chocolate And Rhubarb

"These are a real throwback to childhood and a lovely way to end a picnic. The sweetness of the meringue and white chocolate works extremely well with the tartness of the rhubarb. They’re a little extra effort but taste as good as they look and will make any picnic special."

Get the recipe here.

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