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What to eat

Game Day Recipes To Share With Friends

Delicious food for when you're watching television.


Whether you're watching a match, enjoying a film or just sitting around a table talking, when your friends gather together, you need snacks. Don't worry, we've got you covered! 

There's nothing better than socialising as a group. When you and your pals get together, you're sure to have some serious craic, which might work an appetite to match. We firmly believe that every social occasion can be improved with food, so if you want to impress your friends then try out the recipes below.

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They're all crowd-pleasers, easily shared and will even show off your culinary skills, but best of all, they're not too difficult to make. Try them out the next time you have a group of people over to watch a match, the latest TV release or even just for a few drinks.

Chicken Wings with Honey Glaze

This recipe from Saba is finger-lickin' good, with a sweet and spicy glaze that we can't get enough of. The National Chicken Council of America has reported that our friends across the pond enjoy a whopping 1.38 billion wings during Super Bowl weekend, so it's clear that wings are a solid choice for any good viewing party. Get the recipe here.

Coconut Curried Potato, Chickpea and Spinach Samosas

Samosas are handheld pastries packed full of deliciousness. This recipe from Louise Lennox combines potatoes, chickpeas and spinach with Indian-inspired curry flavours, resulting in a moreish and savoury dish. Get the recipe here.

Spicy Lime Chicken in Lettuce Cups

Think of these lettuce cups as tacos without the carbs, which saves you extra room for more the rest of these treats, plus the lettuce adds a great freshness to the spice of the chicken. The best part about this dish is that you can just lay out all the components and let your guests assemble their own lettuce cups to their specification, saving you a bit of work! Get the recipe here.

Spicy Bean Tacos 

These veggie tacos are an ideal snack as they're easy to eat with your hands (so you can keep your eyes on the television!). While we love this recipe as is, if you've no vegetarians in your house, try adding some chorizo to the mix – it goes so well with the mushrooms. Get the recipe here.

Maple Bacon Popcorn

Popcorn is the ultimate snack for when you're watching TV. There's no better way to give this treat a flavour boost than to add bacon. This maple bacon popcorn creates the perfect combination of sweet and salty, making it the perfect crowd-pleaser. Find the recipe here.

Doughnut Holes with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

What's a party without dessert? These doughnut holes are small enough to make sure that you don't feel as though you've overindulged, but sweet enough to ensure that you're satisfied after all the savoury fare. Click here for the recipe.

Let us know your favourite things to cook for your friends in the comments below.