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What to eat

What we're cooking this week

Make dinnertime exciting again.


It's the start of a new week which means it's time to figure out what to cook.

Between keeping the kids entertained all day, staying on top of what now feels like an abundance of laundry and, oh yeah, that job you have - it can be seriously challenging to cook a new, satisfying and healthy dinner each night.

Your best bet against weeknight dinner stress? These uncomplicated family dinner ideas will please everyone - even the kids. From cosy casseroles to one-pot paella, easy pasta dishes to cheesy burgers, you’ll have endless delicious recipes to choose from night after night, whether you have all day to prep or just minutes.

Broccoli and chicken pasta bake

Pasta bakes offer an unlimited number of possibilities and are also a fantastic way to use up leftover ingredients you might have knocking around the kitchen. They can be prepped in advance and frozen too, making them both economical and delicious! Get the recipe for this delicious comforting cheesy broccoli and chicken pasta bake here. 

Crab, prawn and chilli toasts

Dinner parties might be off the cards for the time being but that doesn't mean you should have to miss out on tasty appetisers. All you need is to pop something sparkling and cook up these delicious crab, prawn and chilli toasts. And yes - they taste as good as they look. Get the recipe, here. 


Chorizo smashburger with blue cheese slaw

Smash burgers are the food trend taking Dublin city by storm. Thin, smashed flat beef patties often presented between squishy buns are popping up on food menus across the capitol. But if the city centre is outside your 5km radius, don't panic. Get in on the smash burger trend by making these delicious and easy to prepare sliders at home. Get the recipe, here. 

Shoyu pork ramen

Ramen is one of those foods that we constantly crave. While there are plenty of wonderful restaurants across the country to order from when you need a ramen fix, there's a certain joy associated with creating the dish from scratch at home. This recipe is really easy to follow but is also easily customisable. Try it out here.

Kale and Smoked Cheddar Risotto

This recipe from JB DuBlois is easy to put together but tastes absolutely delicious. The kale works really well, but if it's not your favourite, you could try it with spinach rocket. Get the recipe here. 

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