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What to eat

What we're cooking this week - Easter edition

Expect cakes, cakes and a lot more cakes.


From showstopping bakes to alternative Easter dinner dishes, here's what to cook this week. 

Although it may feel like time has stood still since the country went into lockdown over a year ago, the earth is still turning on its axis. Life goes on no matter how many countries go under lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus – time still passes and Easter is here. 

Of course, there are plenty of worse things going on at the moment – that’s for sure – but it’s only normal to feel a little disappointed that things won’t be going ahead as usual for the second time in a row. 

But we’re trying to find any bright lights we can, and we’re glad at least to tell you that we've found the best Easter recipes, that, despite all odds, will make this the best Easter ever.

Because hey, what can't be fixed with cake?

Creme egg cake

In typical years, you would be scouring the internet and flicking through cookbooks on the hunt for a showstopping dessert, something to really wow your guests. While this year's Easter feast may have fewer seats at the table, you still deserve to serve up a showstopper – even if it just to post on Instagram. This chocolate sponge cake is sandwiched with creme egg buttercream and topped with oozing creme eggs – because there's no such thing as too much chocolate, especially when in egg form. Try the recipe, here. 


Roast Easter lamb and vegetables

When it comes to Easter lunch, most people think of ham as the main event, but lamb is just as show-stopping. Since spring is the season for lamb, we say it’s high time you give this impressive roast a try this Easter. Whether you choose a leg of lamb or shanks, roasting this tender meat is just as easy, if not easier, than roasting a chicken. Seriously, all you need to do is rub your roast with a mixture of fresh herbs, garlic, and olive oil and pop it in the oven for an hour or so. Bonus points if you roast the meat on top of a bed of potatoes. Try the recipe, here. 

Easter nest cheesecakes

Individual cheesecakes are great because they are easy to serve, look cute and you don't feel as guilty going for a second cake as you do for a second slice. There are also many ways of making them such as setting them in glasses, setting them in ramekins, or setting them in a mini cake tin like the ones below. Try the recipe, here. 

Hot cross buns

Because nothing says Easter quite like traditional hot cross buns! Sure, you could just pick up a pack of store-bought hot cross buns but where's the fun in that? If this past year has taught us anything, it's the true joy of baking at home. Plus, it fills your home with a delicious armona. Hot cross buns might seem like a challenging task but with this recipe from Ballynahinch Castle in Connemara, they couldn't be easy to master – even if you've never baked before. Try the recipe, here. 


Torrijas are a close cousin to french toast or the popular bread-based pudding which is served in many countries across Europe and consist of slices of bread dipped in a mixture usually involving milk, eggs, sugar, and in some cases, wine or honey. A notable difference with bread-based puddings or French toast is that torrijas are usually fried in olive oil, not butter. They can be enjoyed warm or cold and are often served as a “postre” aka dessert but could also be served for brunch. They are particularly popular at Easter time. Try the recipe, here. 

Lamb koftas with yoghurt sauce

It's safe to say this Easter won't be like any other, so why should your Easter dinner? This year, why not change up the menu of cooking up a traditional Easter roast for a delicious lamb kofta. We officially now have one extra hour in our day so the sun will be shining longer and it's the perfect excuse to fire up the barbeque. Try the recipe, here. 

Carrot cake

For those who aren't big on chocolate but still crave something sweet this Easter, this carrot cake from Caryna Camerino of Camerino Bakery couldn't be more fitting. The double-layered cake features a cream cheese frosting which compliments the richness of the sponge beautifully. Try the recipe, here. 


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