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Issy Croker
What to eat

What we're cooking this week

It's the start of a new week which means it's time to figure out what to cook.


That same pasta dish? For a third successive night? A bit bleak, isn’t it?

Our food cravings have inspired this list, based on recipes we've been posting on the site lately. The dishes below are ones we know we'll cook again and again, so try them out with us and let us know what you think.

Your best bet against weeknight dinner stress? These uncomplicated family dinner ideas will please everyone - even the kids. You’ll have endless delicious recipes to choose from night after night, whether you have all day to prep or just minutes.

One-pan Italian chicken

This tasty one-pan Italian chicken dish features classic Italian ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, spicy sausage and a drop of vino. It's a quick chicken dinner you can pull together any night of the week. Get the recipe, here. 

Pesto pasta

This pesto pasta recipe is a delicious quick and easy midweek recipe. It can be served as a main dish or side dish, and you can enjoy it warm or cold (ideal for lunches!). Full instructions on how to make your own basil pesto are included, or you can make it even easier and use store-bought. Get the recipe, here.

Chickpea and Carrot Burger

This recipe is from Asador Restaurant in Dublin. To create a blend of textures the burger is made from a combination of raw and cooked carrot, with chickpeas for added bite. Tinned chickpeas are used here, blended with the carrots, but if you want even more added texture, leave a few of the chickpeas whole in the mix. Get the recipe, here. 

Chilli con carne

When you fancy a chilli con carne but don’t have the time for slow cooking – this is the quick chilli recipe for you. Lots of other recipes call for simmering for at least an hour, sometimes even more! The reality of that is tough, so we've found a chilli recipe that you can make on a weeknight in under an hour. If you prefer a thicker chilli, however, simply follow this recipe but simmer it at a lower heat for longer. Get the recipe, here. 

Easy red lentil dahl 

This easy Indian red lentil dahl recipe is a must-try if you're looking for a flavourful curry, soup or stew. It's vegan, protein-rich and packs a punch. Delicious, healthy and one of the best lentil dishes to keep to warm you up in the winter. Get the recipe, here. 

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