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Butternut squash soup gettyimages 961207188 insta
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What to eat

What we're cooking this week

Meaty pastas, velvety vegetables, and more cosy recipes to curl up with.


Miserable weather doesn't have to equal miserable dinners...

Whether it's baking chocolate chip cookies, staying in your pyjamas all day long or cocooning on the couch in front of Netflix – we all need an extra boost of comfort in these unprecedented times.

There's just something about eating warm, tasty food that puts your mind at ease and conjures up memories of simpler times. It's doesn't matter what you're craving — chicken noodle soup, baked rigatoni or even just a simple cheese toastie – nothing beats a savoury, salty, gooey dish during tough times.

Thankfully, you don't have to spend all day in the kitchen to create your favourite dishes for dinner. There are lots of quick and easy versions of your favourite comfort food recipes that provide all the flavour and warmth without slaving away in the kitchen.

So grab your apron and get cooking because each of the five dishes below are essentially just hugs in a bowl. 

Courgette and basil lasagne

Braised beef, roasted vegetables, slow cooker or heated up the next day: whichever way you like it, lasagna is hands down everyone's favourite comfort food. But with such constant cooking comes certain food boredom. That's exactly where this velvety vegetarian lasagne comes in. Made with courgettes and basil as opposed to mincemeat and mushrooms, this take on the classic dish is as hearty as it is healthy. Get the recipe, here. 

Butternut squash and saffron soup 

There's something deeply comforting about soup. It starts from the time you fill your soup pot with ingredients and continues as your home starts filling with the warm aroma of simmering soup. And when you sink your spoon into a cosy bowl of homemade soup, like this butternut squash and safron soup, for example, it's like soup knows how to soothe you in the warmest and most filling way. Get the recipe, here. 

Butternut squash soup gettyimages 961207188 insta
Butternut squash soup gettyimages 961207188 insta

Camerino Bakery peanut butter brownies

Fact: brownies are the ultimate comfort food. They’re rich, chocolatey, and filling, a truly comforting dessert we can't get enough of whether they're eaten plain or garnished with a generous scoop of ice cream. And if you're looking for a new recipe, Caryna Camerino of Camerino Bakery peanut butter recipes tick off all of those boxes and more. You only need 10 ingredients, and everything comes together in three steps. What's more, taking the time out to bake these deliciously simple brownies is the perfect distraction from the ever-growing anxieties stemming from the outside world. Escape for a few moments in the form of chocolatey bliss. Get the recipe, here. 

Chicken chasseur

We absolutely love Kevin Dundon's recipes, but this chicken chasseur is definitely one of our favourites. It's perfect for colder days like today and is a great family-friendly meal. Serve it with baby potatoes or rice for an extra carb-loaded hit of goodness. Get the recipe here


 As we prepare to batten down the hatches with further lockdown restrictions looming, it's about time we learn how to bake a different type of bread...and it's finally brioche's time to shine. Whether enjoyed on its own with a cup of hot coffee on a Sunday morning or made into spherical buns to accompany equally as comforting homemade burgers, brioche is the bread satisfy all cravings. Get the recipe, here.