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Bray beach.Getty Images

What To Eat In Bray

Some of our favourite places beside the sea.


Did you know Bray is Ireland's second most popular staycation destination?

The gorgeous seaside town has had something of a renaissance in recent years, with many new food establishments popping up around the town to offer a multitude of delicious dishes. As well as its food offerings, a series of mini-festivals are held in Bray throughout the year, including Wings Food Fest, the Bray Comedy Festival, The Harbour Bar Toastie Festival and more. No wonder it's become such a popular place to visit!

If you're planning to visit soon, you might be wondering what to eat in Bray, so we've created a list of the dishes we can't wait to try. Read on to find out what to eat in Bray. 

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1. Superfood Salad

Butler and Barry, Strand Road

Starting with a healthy choice, this salad from Butler and Barry gastropub looks to be one of the tastiest around. Packed full of delicious vegetables, like broccoli, asparagus and sweet potato, this salad is topped with feta cheese and a poached egg to add an extra boost of flavour. Perfect for enjoying al fresco in the summer sunshine!

2. Punjabi Pizza

Platform Pizza, Strand Road

We couldn't decide between two of our Bray-based favourites, so we picked an option that would combine both. This delicious pizza combines the Pakastani flavours of Daata with a signature Platform Pizza pie to create a deliciously unique dish. Topped with chicken tikka and crushed poppadoms, this pizza is served with four of Daata's traditional dips.

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3. PBJ Burger

Box Burger, Strand Road

We couldn't create a list about what to eat in Bray without including Box Burger, Platform's sister restaurant. Serving up unique and delicious burgers, fries, ribs and more, this American-style restaurant has a very nice bar attached to it, so you could easily while away a whole evening here (if you can get a spot!). We love the PBJ burger, which is made with a beef patty, peanut sauce, strawberry chilli jam, crispy onions and roasted peanuts. It sounds like a weird combination, but trust us, it's amazing.

4. Pancakes With Banana And Walnuts

Maison Moli, Florence Villas, Florence Road

We have a soft spot for pancakes and this stack from Maison Moli in Bray looks absolutely delicious. Served with cream and caramelised banana, these pancakes are definitely a treat, but we would put them high on your list of what to eat in Bray.

5. Prawn Tacos

Fish Bar, The Harbour Bar

Connected to the ever-popular Harbour Bar, Fish Bar is a tiny window that serves some of the best seafood in Bray. These prawn tacos, which are served with guacamole, lime mayo and chilli caramel flakes, are a firm favourite with visitors. The best part about this location is that you can enjoy your food with a pint out the front of The Harbour Bar, combining two of Bray's best offerings. 

6. Gosht Hyderabadi

Pink Salt, Main Street

This traditional lamb curry from Pink Salt in Bray combines a range of aromatic spices with low and slow cooking to create a dish that's super tender and full of flavour. If lamb isn't your favourite, Pink Salt offers lots of authentic Indian dishes, but we think this curry is an absolute winner.

Where do you like to eat in Bray? Let us know in the comments below.