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What To Eat In Belfast

Five delicious dishes for you to try.


There are so many great places to eat in Belfast right now that you'll be completely spoiled for choice when you visit the city. 

Belfast is a great spot for a quick weekend break, with lots to see and do, plus the countryside is beautiful if you manage to make it out of the city. There's so much to eat that you might find it hard to decide where to go, so read on to find out exactly what to eat in Belfast right now.

1. Roast Scallop Ulster Fry

Freight Belfast, CS Lewis Square

Freight Belfast has been serving up some stellar food lately, so we were particularly excited to see this dish pop up. The Roast Scallop Ulster Fry looks to be everything we've ever wanted from brunch, with scallops, bacon, chorizo, black pudding, Hollandaise sauce and an egg all on the one plate. 

2. Blackcurrant, White Chocolate, Ricotta, Liquorice Sablé

OX Belfast, Oxford Street

Michelin-starred OX is one of the country's best restaurants and this dish shows it. With its delicate features and brightly coloured sorbet, we can't imagine trying a more inviting or summery dessert will be available this year.

3. Liquid Sunshine

Panama, McClintock Street

Strictly speaking, this juice from Panama isn't something you eat, but we're craving it all the same. Made with orange, carrot, ginger root and turmeric, this juice is jam-packed with lots of health benefits, plus it's rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and K. The perfect pick-me-up for anyone feeling a little run down. 

4. Salad Of The Day

5A Café, Lockview Road

5A Café changes its salad offering daily, but if they're anything as good as the one in this picture then you're definitely in for a treat. Consisting of maple and sriracha roasted cauliflower with pomegranates, hazelnuts and rocket, this salad is full of flavour and is super filling. 

5. Belfast Shoyu Ramen

Bia Rebel, Ormeau Road

Bia Rebel has been taking Belfast by storm lately, so you definitely have to visit while you're there. This Shoyu ramen comes with house-made noodles and broth, Chasu pork shoulder and a 606 tea egg, all of which sounds unbelievably delicious. The menu is very varied, with lots of tasty options available, so there's sure to be something to suit everyone at this buzzy new ramen joint.

What else should we eat in Belfast? Let us know in the comments below.