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What We're Cooking This Week

Five dishes for you to add to this week's meal plan.


It's the start of a new week which means it's time to figure out what to cook.

Our food cravings have inspired this list, based on recipes we've been posting on the site lately. The five dishes below are ones we know we'll cook again and again, so try them out with us and let us know what you think!

1. Crab Cakes With Radish And Cucumber Relish

Hugo Arnold's recipes are always great, but we're particularly obsessed with these crab cakes right now. They're so easy to whip up and pack a great punch of flavour, so we know we'll probably make these crab cakes a few times this week. If you like the relish as much as we do, make a double batch and save some to use throughout the week. Get the recipe here.

Getty Images.
Getty Images.

2. Apricot Fool 

Paula Mee's latest cookbook Mediterranean Mood Food is jam-packed with flavoursome recipes that are sure to make you feel full and happy. This apricot fool recipe is as tasty as it is picturesque and is perfect for a lazy summer dessert. Try the recipe here.

Image by Joanne Murphy.
Image by Joanne Murphy.

3. Garden Beetroot Terrine With Shallot Compote

Have you ever wanted to cook like a Michelin-starred chef? Then you need to try this recipe from Martijn Kajuiter of Cliff House Hotel in Waterford. Combining stellar Irish ingredients with high-end techniques, this dish works really well as a starter so try it out at your next dinner party. Click here for the recipe.

4. Salted Caramel And Whiskey Cake

Edward Hayden's recipes are always winners but this one might just be the best of the bunch. With a silky smooth caramel flavour and just the right amount of whiskey, this cake is the perfect modern Irish dessert. Try it here

Image by Harry Weir and Brian Clarke
Image by Harry Weir and Brian Clarke

5. Spicy Chicken Tempura

We included this recipe in our back to basics with chicken breast column last week and we have been thinking about it ever since. The crispy, crunchy batter combined with a delicious spicy coating makes for an extremely moreish dish. Be prepared to make this recipe frequently, because once you try it, you'll keep craving it. Get the recipe here

What are you planning to cook this week? Let us know in the comments below.