A London restaurant group is going above and beyond for its employees by launching a new scheme where each full-time employee is to have four fully paid working days a year to be used in whichever way they want - including a 'mental health day'.

M restaurant group's new M-indful initiative will also offer employees access to Spill, a personal counselling app.

The group has sites in Twickenham and the Square Mile and London’s Victoria areas, and a spokesperson says that “All too often we see amazing talent in kitchens, bars and restaurants in London burning out and leaving the industry."

“The hospitality industry must catch up with other industries and adopt an environment where a younger generation of employees have solid mental wellbeing and are inspired to perform to their finest when at work",  a spokesperson added.

For any employees who do not use all of part of the four days, their remaining M days will be added to their holiday allowance or paid if not used.