If you've ever used social media in Ireland, chances are that you know who James Kavanagh and William Murray are.

The pair are some of the most well known faces in Ireland right now, thanks to their killer Instagram game. Filled with snaps of their delicious food, hilarious activities and their sphynx cat, James and William's social media is well worth a follow.

Inspired by William's childhood home, the couple decided to create their very own cookbook. With William's previous experience at Ballymaloe Cookery School and James' time spent in marketing for Kerrygold and Barry's Tea, they were uniquely placed in the food industry.

The Currabinny Cookbook shows that the pair have serious love for food. The recipes are accessible for cooks of a levels and the accompanying images are absolutely gorgeous.

We picked three of our favourite recipes from the book for you to try out, so check them out below.

Homemade Gnocchi with Buffalo Mozzarella and Pickled Walnuts

We love how easy this recipe is to make and how tasty the finished product it. The lemon and herb dressing really adds a delicious freshness to the dish, but you could always try the gnocchi with pesto if you don't fancy making it yourself.

Turkey Burgers with Chanterelles and Gruyere

This recipe really ramps up the humble turkey's flavour. By making sure the burgers don't dry out, this recipe provides a tasty but healthier alternative to the classic hamburger.

Wholemeal Spelt Carrot Loaf with Orange Mascarpone Icing

This cake is truly recipe is truly delicious, but also very manageable for those who aren't extremely confident in the kitchen. If you haven't any oranges to hand, lemon would taste lovely in the icing.

Check out our Instagram story tonight to see James and William make one of these delicious recipes.

You can follow James and William on Instagram. Read more about Currabinny here.

These recipes were extracted from The Currabinny Cookbook by James Kavanagh and William Murray, published by Penguin Random House. RRP €22.99.