Cheese is life - fact. So the news that the world's largest cheeseboard exists in Wisconsin, US of A, makes us and our fellow cheese lovers happy indeed.

A brand new Guinness World Record for the largest cheese board was set on Wednesday by Wisconsin cheesemakers, who took up an entire street with their 35 feet long and 7 feet wide board.

The board was stacked with 4,437 pounds of Wisconsin cheese, including 145 different varieties and style, with a 2,000 lb wheel of Henning's cheddar as the centerpiece.

The American board broke the previous record held by European cheesemakers by over 1,000 pounds. Wisconsin also hold the record for the world's longest cheeseboard, having set that with a 70 foot long board earlier this year.

Wisconsin Dairy Farmers

Wisconsin Dairy Farmers

"We wanted to showcase the amazing breadth of the award winning cheeses in Wisconsin and we thought, what better way to do that than to create the world’s largest cheeseboard," said Suzanne Fanning, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin VP of Marketing Communications, in a statement. "Wisconsin’s licensed cheesemakers put the art in artisan, drawing from their rich European heritage, cheese making traditions and impressive innovations, and we're thrilled to share their masterful creations with the world in a unique and fun way."