Dinner parties are great fun, especially this time of year as we all cosy up indoors from the elements. However, the end of the meal is often an anti-climax, with a last-minute dessert and a flat cup of ‘something’ for your guests. It’s called ‘dinner party’ for a reason! End the night on a high-velocity, yet delectable note with these after dinner cocktails, brought to you by De’Longhi.

We’ve all been there… We invite friends over for dinner, and panic, realising we are not the Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson! We spend lots of time and effort on the food, even throw in some pre-dinner party nibbles, maybe an aperitif, but in all the flurry of pots and pans pay no heed to finishing the meal or night off.

While everyone loves an After Eight and a cup of coffee, why not impress your guests by ending your dinner party with the perfect coffee-inspired coffee? Still enjoying the digestive qualities and rich flavours of a delectable brew, but shaken up into a fun and lighter cocktail option.

First, let’s talk equipment… for the home-mixologist, you will need:

A cocktail shaker – Mostly so you can throw your best Tom Cruise moves (Please tell us you’ve seen Cocktail the movie? If not, add that to the list of fun activities on the night and get everyone involved in the making!) while making the Amaretto Old Fashioned.

You’ll also need some glasses – In fact maybe a selection of different sizes/shapes; these depend on the cocktail you’re making, but if you look at the short videos below, you’ll see our recommendations for each one. However, feel free to freestyle with what you have in your cupboard at home! Throw an umbrella in there if you so wish – no judgement!

Ice, ice baby – (Sorry!) A good cocktail has to have the right amount of ice, so defrost your freezer if you have to and get some fresh batches on the go and ready for your dinner party! If you have ice trays that makes different size cubes, even better, so you can mix it up. You’ll notice the Prairie Buzz is served over one large cube, which is really on trend and looks so impressive. A truly professional touch!

Straws – These are definitely optional, but for a long cocktail like the Rosemary Tonic, we recommend one. However, let’s keep sustainability in mind and opt for a paper straw, which you can buy in all sorts of fun striped colours.

Coffee Machine – The De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite Experience Bean to Cup coffee machine is redefining at home coffee with its new functionalities and sophisticated technology, making bespoke hot and cold coffees at home as easy as ordering from an expert barista. Much like the PrimaDonna Elite, the new Experience is equipped with Bluetooth technology. The cutting edge machine can be operated by the Coffee Link app or its 4.3” colour touch screen display. These interfaces provide unlimited hot coffee personalisation options (strength, length, temperature and milk froth) for your perfect coffee shop serve at the touch of a button. You’ll see from the cocktail recipe videos that at the touch of a button you have the perfect ingredient in seconds for your cocktail; freshly brewed with deeply rich flavours, this will make the ultimate after dinner drink complete!  

And that’s it! These recipes will make you the domestic god/goddess you have always dreamed of being… ending your dinner party on a delectable high note of sumptuous coffee vibes and the buzz and theatre of cocktail mastery.

Have fun making these at home for your dinner party guests and don’t forget to post photos of your cocktails, tag De’Longhi and Brown Thomas on Instagram and use the hashtag #seriousaboutcoffee.  

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