The Flexible Pescatarian, Jo Pratt's newest cookbook, came out last week and we have three recipes from it for our readers to try. 

Acclaimed writer, cook and food stylist, Jo Pratt is very popular in the UK for her down-to-earth cooking style and flavourful recipes. She has worked with big-name chefs throughout her career, including Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Gary Rhodes, whose television shows and books she has famously worked on for over 10 years. Her writing style is so accessible that Jo was named one of Waterstone’s ‘Writers of the Future’ in 2008. 

The Flexible Pescatarian is Jo's seventh book, following her hit title The Flexible Vegetarian. Her latest title offers a wide range of seafood recipes that cater to all tastes and skill levels, as well as offering ways to make each recipe vegetarian. The idea behind the flexible aspect of each recipe is that while many people are moving towards a plant-based diet, lots still want to include fish in their diets in some way too. 

Featuring over 75 recipes, The Flexible Pescatarian is a great option for those looking to expand their seafood repertoire, hone their fishmongering skills or add easily-adaptable dishes to their diets. To give our readers a taste of what The Flexible Pescatarian is all about, Jo has given us three recipes for our readers to try out – get the recipes below.

Teriyaki Mackerel

"This is a brilliant summery dish for sharing, whether as part of a bigger meal or served on its own. To me, it resembles a plate of deconstructed sushi, as all the flavours (and more) are represented. The rice salad is a mouthwatering combination of sweet, sour, aromatic, crunchy and soft. When eaten with the rich, spicy and salty mackerel, your senses are in for a real treat."

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Teriyaki Mackerel. Photo: Susan Bell.

Teriyaki Mackerel. Photo: Susan Bell.

Smoky Bean and Monkfish Stew

"This stew is simple and quick to cook, and has a Spanish feel to it. Monkfish is a fantastic fish, as it holds itself really well in stews and curries, and is also able to stand up to bold flavours. It's not necessarily the cheapest of fish, so if you want to use an alternative, prawns, cod cheeks, hake or gurnard will all work really well in this dish."

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Smoky Bean and Monkfish Stew. Photo: Susan Bell.

Smoky Bean and Monkfish Stew. Photo: Susan Bell.

Prawn Bun Cha

"Bun cha is a light, fragrant Vietnamese dish that consists of a sharp, sweet, salty and spicy dipping sauce, crunchy salad, rice noodles, and fried patties that are usually made from pork. Here I’ve made prawn ones, and they work wonderfully with the aromatic flavours – but if you want to give some tofu ones a go, check out the ‘flexible’ tip, as they are equally delicious."

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Prawn Bun Cha. Photo: Susan Bell.

Prawn Bun Cha. Photo: Susan Bell.

Recipes extracted from The Flexible Pescatarian by Jo Pratt, £20/€23 White Lion Publishing. Photography by Susan Bell.