Who doesn’t love a bagel? The chewy, shiny rings of bread are our kryptonite and there’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into a fresh bagel with lashings of cream cheese. To help our readers become as obsessed as we are, we decided to find of the five best bagels in Ireland.

Bagels are a bread product that first originated within Jewish communities in Poland in approximately the 17th century. Since then, bagels have spread all over the world and are particularly popular in North America.

Traditionally they are hand shaped into a ring by hand from a yeasted, wheat-based dough, which allows for even cooking of the dough. The ring is first boiled then baked, which results in the signature chewy interior and crispy outside that bagels are known for.

Of the now-popular North American-style bagels, there are three main varieties – Montreal-style, New York-style and East Coast-style. Montreal-style bagels contain malt and sugar, no salt and are boiled in water sweetened with honey before they’re baked in a wood-fired oven. They’re also often topped with white sesame seeds.

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New York-style bagels contain salt and malt and are boiled in plain water before being baked in a regular oven, resulting in a puffy bagel with a moist crust. Larger than the Montreal bagel, New York bagels are supposedly the best due to the quality of the local water, a belief that is heavily debated.

The East Coast bagel incorporates qualities from both the New York bagel and the Montreal bagel, but uniquely contains sourdough made from ingredients only found in Halifax. These bagels aren’t as chewy, soft or salty as New York-style, nor as dense and sweet as a Montreal-style bagel, falling somewhere in the middle of both.

A good bagel can be hard to find in Ireland but we think these five are as delicious as any that you’d find in North America. Check them out below.

Rosie’s Bakehouse, Dungarvan, Waterford 

Owned by New York native Rosie Sheehan, Rosie’s Bakehouse produces authentic New York-style bagels in Waterford. After discovering that she couldn’t find the bagels she’d grown up with in NYC, Rosie decided to set up her own bagel bakery, following a traditional recipe free from additives and preservatives. You can find Rosie’s products select Dunnes Stores nationwide.

Rosie's recipe suggestion: My favourite! and so easy...fry sliced mushrooms and onions in a bit of butter and put aside....

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The Pepperpot Café, Powerscourt Town Centre, Dublin 

The Pepperpot Café is well-known for its stellar homemade bagels. Owned by Ballymaloe graduate Marian Kilcoyne, this popular café is located in the Powerscourt Town Centre off South William Street. The bagels here are so good that when Marian perfected the recipe, the café would regularly sell out, so get down early to make sure you get your hands on one – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Bretzel Bakery, Portobello, Dublin

Bretzel Bakery, which has been baking in Dublin since 1870, makes delicious, traditional Polish bagels. While the bagels themselves are all white, Bretzel likes to change things up with its toppings: varieties include poppyseed, sesame seed and more. You can find these bagels in Bretzel Bakery’s café in Portobello or at over 240 stores that the company supplies to nationwide. 

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McCloskey Bakery, Drogheda, Louth 

This family-run artisan bakery in Drogheda creates a variety of bagels under the name ‘Spiegel’s Bagels’. McCloskey’s makes a wide range of bagel varieties, including cinnamon and raisin, everything, poppy seed, plain and sesame seed bagels, there is bagel to suit all taste buds. You can find McCloskey’s products in Dunnes Stores, Tescos, Supervalu and Spars around the country, as well as in their four cafés.

McCloskey's poppyseed Spiegel bagel, from http://mccloskeysbakery.ie/

McCloskey's poppyseed Spiegel bagel, from http://mccloskeysbakery.ie/

Galway Bay Bakery, Clare 

The Fahy family have been baking in Finvarra, County Clare since 1998. By fine-tuning their bagels, they have found a way to create authentic bagels that they then sell at markets around the west coast. Galway Bay Bakery products can also be ordered online for delivery, making sure you can get stellar bagels wherever you are around the country.

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