We talk to Chef Adrian Martin, cookbook author and TV personality, about all things culinary.

Having trained under Neven Maguire and Oliver Dunne, Adrian now performs cookery demonstrations around the country, as well as regularly appearing on our television screens. His last cookbook ‘Fakeaway by Adrian Martin’ taught the country to recreate their favourite takeout dishes in the comfort of their own homes.

Here, we talk to Adrian about his culinary history, as well as what he has planned for this year.

What is your earliest food memory?

“My earliest food memory is from when I was 14. It’s of me standing at a sink and peeling massive 50kg bags of potatoes for weeks upon weeks when I first started training as a chef at MacNean House with Neven Maguire. Before that, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my career, besides knowing that I wanted to do something with my hands. From the moment I stepped foot in that restaurant, I fell in love with food and I knew I’d found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

What is your pet peeve in the kitchen?

“Definitely someone who is messy or doesn’t clean up after themselves. I’m a total clean freak in the kitchen! A clean kitchen means that service goes much smoother and you send out a better product to guests in the restaurant.”

What kitchen tool could you not live without?

“My chef’s knife, I couldn’t do without it. Years ago, I had an amazing set of Wusthof knives that were worth €400 and they were the best I’d ever used, but then they got robbed on me. I travel a lot, so while I was at some food festival they were taken and I was devastated. Now I use lots of different knives and I actually got some great ones from TK Maxx, it’s the best place for chefs to pick up all their bits and pieces. I got a Segmento knife from there, it’s Japanese style and it’s great.”

What is your current ingredient obsession?

“At the moment, I love wild mushrooms. I’ve been cooking with girolles a lot lately and I was recently given some black truffle from Longford, so I’ve been using that up too. I also got some white balsamic that had fresh truffle grated into it, which tasted amazing. Mushrooms have a really long season and they’re delicious, so I’m loving them at the moment.”

What’s your guilty pleasure?

“When I go away on holidays, I really treat myself because I only get to go away for one or two weeks a year. Now I’d never eat it in Ireland, but my guilty pleasure is definitely KFC! I love to get one when I go away, I always just get loads of chicken.”

Who is your dream dinner party guest?

“It would have to be my girlfriend Fiona, she’s so great. We eat out quite a bit, recently we went to Glover’s Alley, which is my new favourite restaurant in Ireland because the standard of food that Andy and the team produce is absolutely outstanding. Fiona is quite picky with what she eats, but what she doesn’t like, I’ll eat so it’s perfect!”

Let us in on your top foodie tip.

“Shop local and try to support those in your local community, like your local butcher or veg shop. Farmers in this country are working so hard to produce amazing results so it’s really important to support local Irish producers.”

What have you got planned for 2019?

“My new book will be coming out in 2019, which is called ‘Create Beautiful Food at Home’. It’s all to do with restaurant dishes that I tweaked, so there’s a full bread masterclass, plus a section about making petit fours and handmade chocolates, as well as restaurant-quality starters, main courses and desserts.”

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