The Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook by Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi, with Jenny Phillips, came out recently and we have three gorgeous recipes for our readers to try.

Don't be alarmed by the name! This book is all about delicious Italian-style recipes for those that are watching their carbohydrate or sugar intake, following a Type 2 diabetes-friendly diet or just looking for some light and delicious fare. 

Written by married couple Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi, an Italian chef and food writer respectively, this book details the steps that Giancarlo took when he was ordered to change his diet after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Knowing he could no longer indulge in classic Italian dishes like pasta, Giancarlo created a whole host of leaner dishes to enjoy that helped to put his diabetes into remission.

Many of the recipes in this book are also gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan, so there is a wide range of flavours to suit every dietary restriction. Along the way, you can follow along with Giancarlo's inspiring journey towards a healthier lifestyle, which he does without sacrificing flavour. Read on for some delicious, light recipes from The Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook below.

Coconut Pancakes With Whipped Coconut Cream And Raspberries

"There is no sugar in these pancakes, but they are naturally sweet from the coconut and vanilla, so they make a guilt-free breakfast, brunch or dessert. Coconut flour is made from the dried flesh of the coconut. It is high in fibre and works as a binder. It is also very absorbent, so you can't simply swap it for wheat flour as it needs much more liquid. These pancakes are delicious served with Raspberry Chia Jam, or simply with a few berries. The coconut cream is also gorgeous on desserts or stirred into coffee. Make sure you have a 400ml (14fl oz) can of coconut milk that has been left in the fridge or a cool cupboard before you start, so it has time to separate into the denser cream at the top and the water below; don’t shake it."

Get the recipe here.

Coconut pancakes with whipped coconut cream and raspberries. Photo by Susan Bell.

Coconut pancakes with whipped coconut cream and raspberries. Photo by Susan Bell.

Lentil-less Dal

"This has all the comforting softness of a traditional dal but hardly any of the carbs. It is delicious served with curries or for breakfast or lunch with a couple of fried eggs. If I want to make it more presentable, I scatter over coriander or dollop on some Greek yoghurt and mint leaves… delicious. Make sure you have all the ingredients ready before you begin as the recipe requires quick cooking at the start."

Try the recipe here.

Lentil-less dal. Photo by Susan Bell.

Lentil-less dal. Photo by Susan Bell.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cake

"This decadent, irresistible cake was dreamt up by Jen Unwin as something to serve at celebrations while keeping low-carb. Feel free to swap the raspberries for strawberries when they are in season."

Click here for the recipe.

Peanut butter and jelly cake. Photo by Susan Bell.

Peanut butter and jelly cake. Photo by Susan Bell.

To find out more about diabetes-friendly diets and whether the recipes in this book would be suitable for people in Ireland with Type 2 diabetes, we spoke to Pauline Dunne, senior dietitian and regional development officer with Diabetes Ireland:

"Diabetes Ireland supports that Type 2 diabetes may be put into remission by a small cohort of people. The DiRECT study indicates these people are likely overweight at diagnosis and losing that weight (about15kg) may result in normal glucose usage (87%). By all means, people should follow the plan suggested in this book if they have the willpower to do so, not to ‘reverse’ their Type 2 diabetes but for their long term health. As always, prior to implementing any significant changes to dietary intake and physical activity, individuals with a health condition are advised to consult with their healthcare team to ascertain suitability and schedule monitoring as appropriate.

Recipes outlined appear suitable for people with Type 2 diabetes to include as part of a healthy balanced diet. We advise using the national healthy eating guidelines and food pyramid for guidance on portion sizes, adjusting as needed based on gender, age and physical activity levels. Head to the Healthy Ireland website for more information."

Recipe extracted from The Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook by Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi, with Jenny Phillips. Published by Kyle Books, RRP €27. Photography by Susan Bell.

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