If you love the outdoors then The Camping Cookbook is for you.

Written by Sara Mutande and Andrea Lo Vetere, The Camping Cookbook highlights the pair's love for the outdoors, which they discovered upon moving to New Zealand. After suffering through a few terrible campfire meals, the duo decided to find a way to create delicious, easy-to-make recipes that could be cooked outdoors and thus, The Campfire Cookbook was born.

Featuring gorgeous illustrations, accessible ingredients and thorough equipment lists, the book also takes the practicalities of camping into account, ensuring that weight, space and time limitations are fully accounted for. This book is a must-have for both campers and food lovers alike. 

Want to try out some of the recipes for yourself? Read on for our three favourite recipes from The Camping Cookbook... 

Chickpea Flour Tortilla

This tortilla is so quick and easy to whip together that you'll definitely want to make it at home even when your camping trip is over. Check out the recipe here.

Beer Cheese Fondue

"A fondue is a fun and social meal, and in good company, it’s the ideal way to warm up a camping night. The inclusion of beer only adds to its magic. The addition of even more beer, drunk from cans or bottles whilst enjoying the fondue further enhances this recipe’s remarkable properties. It's easy to prepare and is the perfect excuse to join around a warm shared dish."

Get the recipe here.

Banana Crêpes

"Banana spread is a healthy, delicious accompaniment to crepes. Make enough and you can also use it as a homemade spread for toast, wraps and pancakes."

Try this banana crêpes recipe here.

Recipes extracted from The Camping Cookbook by Sara Mutande and Andrea Lo Vetere, Beatnik Publishing, £12.99.