Tasty Ultimate is the newest cookbook from Buzzfeed\'s Tasty

Tasty Ultimate is the newest cookbook from Buzzfeed's TastyLauren Volo

Looking to spice up your weekday dinners or impress your friends with a fabulous feast? We've got you sorted with three recipes from Buzzfeed's Tasty Ultimate cookbook.

Tasty Ultimate, the newest cookbook from Buzzfeed's hit food brand, contains two sections: Impress Yourself and Impress Your Friends. Aiming to please, the recipes in both sections feature indulgent, comfort foods with an American twist – think fried chicken, cheese dip and cherry pie.

Launched in 2015, Tasty has amassed over 65 billion video views, so we're sure you've seen their videos. Their recipes are both trendy and decadent, featuring some healthy ideas here and there. The usual Tasty video format translates well to the cookbook, as the fun photographs, step-by-step guides and clear methods are suitable for all levels of ability.

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Featuring an expansive section about essential ingredients and equipment, Tasty Ultimate is perfect for those hoping to try out inventive recipes that aren't too difficult to produce.

A cookbook to satisfy all cravings, Tasty Ultimate will definitely be a good addition to your collection. With its accessible ingredients and exciting flavours, this cookbook will definitely help you to spice up your recipe repertoire. 

Three recipes that we're especially excited about are the Greek Spatchcock Chicken, Easy Korean Rice Bowl and Tropical Fruit Pavlova, so we've included them below for you to try and enjoy.

Greek Spatchcock Chicken

This recipe includes bold flavours and a step-by-step guide to spatchcocking (the technical term for splitting, then flattening) a chicken. Try it out to update your usual roast chicken.

Greek Spatchcock Chicken, Image Credits: Lauren Volo

Greek Spatchcock Chicken, Image Credits: Lauren Volo

Easy Korean Rice Bowl (Bimibap)

A simple recipe for a spicy, fresh Korean rice bowl. We particularly like the use of Gochujang in this dish, but feel free to use Sriracha if you're in a pinch.

Easy Korean Rice Bowl by Tasty

Easy Korean Rice Bowl by Tasty

Tropical Fruit Pavlova

A sweet and interesting take on the classic dessert, we love Tasty's tropical version of the traditional pav. The introduction of pineapple creates a great tartness that marries well with the crispness of the meringue.

Tropical Fruit Pavlova, Image Credits: Lauren Volo

Tropical Fruit Pavlova, Image Credits: Lauren Volo

Let us know in the comments below how these recipes work out for you!

Recipe extracted from: Tasty: Ultimate (Ebury Press, £20/€28 RRP) 

Photography by Lauren Volo

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