Laura and Rory Gannon

Laura and Rory Gannon

If you’re looking for a non-traditional dessert this Christmas, Cakeface in Kilkenny is where you need to go.

The patisserie is owned by married couple Laura and Rory Gannon. Each lived other lives before opening Cakeface: Laura worked in property and Rory was a chemical engineer with a Master’s degree in business, but then they both decided to pursue their passions for food.

The pair met at Ballymaloe Cookery School, where they undertook the professional cookery course. After completing the course, Laura and Rory travelled around Europe, honing their craft in the South of France and London, before returning home to open Cakeface in Kilkenny.

Cakeface was inspired by the pair’s desire to shake up Irish desserts, with Laura and Rory creating quirky and unusual cakes and pastries that utilise all manner of flavours and colours, resulting in a spectacular finished product. Speaking about Cakeface’s pastries, Laura told us: “While all of our creations are familiar flavours that people would recognise, we like to give our desserts a more quirky and interesting twist.”

As Christmas is a time for indulgence and good food, Laura and Rory have kindly given us some seasonal recipes for you to try out. Read on for Cakeface’s delicious pastry recipes…

Untraditional Mince Pie

Mince pies are like the Marmite of Christmas, as you either love them or hate them. This recipe is sure to please even those who are firmly in the mince pie haters camp!

Combining chocolate, brandy and caramel with mincemeat sounds genius to us and as Rory says, it will appeal to everyone:

“People either love or hate mince pies, but few can resist chocolate so our untraditional chocolate mince pie appeals to everyone, topped with a boozy brandy ganache gives it a little festive lift.”

Cakeface's Untraditional Mince Pie

Cakeface's Untraditional Mince Pie

Trio of Tarts

Once you master these Cakeface recipes, you’ll keep making them forever. The pastry recipe included for the trio is easy enough to knock together and can be frozen, saving future you a bit of work. Each filling plays on classic flavours, ensuring that all your guests will be satisfied, so get baking!

Cakeface's Trio of Tarts

Cakeface's Trio of Tarts

Laura and Rory have also given us their top three pastry-making tips to ensure that your homebaked Cakeface tart, is just as good as theirs :

  1. Make your pastry a few weeks in advance and freeze it until you are ready to use it.
  2. Use a fork to prick the lined pastry all over, which will help stop the pastry losing its shape.
  3. Check your pastry about four minutes into cooking. If the base is starting to rise up or is coming away from the sides, use the back of a spoon to gently push it back into place.

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