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Stena line potato salad

Swedish Style Midsummer Salad

A lighter take on the traditional potato salad




  • 500 – 750g new potatoes 
  • 3 tbsp crème fraiche
  • 1.5 – 2 tbsp mustard (Swedish mustard ideally, or Dijon or English mustard)
  • 3 – 4 spring onions
  • Generous handful of dill roughly chopped


  1. Chop new potatoes into cubes.
  2. Bring pot of water to the boil with a little salt.
  3. Add potatoes and boil for around 5 minutes until tender.
  4. Drain and then run under cold water to cool potatoes quickly.
  5. Slice spring union and leave the green parts to garnish.
  6. For the dressing, mix your crème fraiche, mustard, white parts of spring onion and half of dill.
  7. Add salt and pepper to your dressing according to your own preference.
  8. Tumble in your potatoes and stir all together to coat.
  9. Garnish with remaining spring onion and dill.

Recipe by GastroGays, Russell Alford and Patrick Hanlon, for Stena Line.


"It is a little less creamy and lighter than traditional potato salads. This style has a whack of mustard and a hefty amount of dill, like the ones we have enjoyed in Sweden many times over the years."