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Where To Get Your Steak Fix In Dublin

The 12 best places for steak in Dublin.


Perfect for a celebratory dinner, a meat fix or a casual bit, there are so many great places to get a delicious steak in Dublin. 

Whether you prefer a T-bone, rib-eye or sirloin, there's no denying that some steakhouses serve up much better beef than others. To help make sure you get the best bang for your buck and flavour from your meal, we've created a list of our 12 favourite places for steak in Dublin. 

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1. FX Buckley 

Various locations

Obviously, we had to include FX Buckley on our list of best places for steak in Dublin. We've never had a bad meal in any of FX Buckey's various locations and the selection of steaks on offer is unparalleled. The beef is selected from the best cows, aged for 28 days and cooked to absolute perfection in a charcoal oven, so you know your meal is in good hands. 

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2. Featherblade

Dawson Street

While Featherblade's steaks are supplied by the butchers at FX Buckley, the way they handle the meat means that this Dawson Street restaurant deserves its very own place on this list of the best places to get steak in Dublin. The menu here is fantastically small, changing regularly with only the featherblade steak a permanent fixture. You definitely can't go wrong with any of the options here, plus everything is extremely reasonably priced.

3. Whitefriar Grill

Aungier Street

Easily one of the best steakhouses in Dublin, Whitefriar Grill offers delicious steaks, as well as a range of ribs, cocktails and more. With a massive selection of beef on offer, you're guaranteed a great steak here. If you're unsure about which one of the (many) great steaks to go for, the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, so be sure to ask for their advice. 

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4. The Butcher Grill


The Butcher Grill in Ranelagh definitely serves up some of the best steaks in Dublin. There is a huge range of steak on offer, as well as dishes to suit those avoiding meat, we love how many cuts and styles of meat are on offer here. If you're looking to splurge, the côte de boeuf, chateaubriand and tomahawk steaks are fantastic options. 

5. DeVille's


The southside's hidden gem, DeVille's in Dalkey is a fantastic spot to visit when you need a steak in Dublin. Offering a classic selection of French-style dishes, the steaks on offer here are aged for 28 days, so they're jam-packed with flavour. 

6. The Chophouse

Shelbourne Road

The Chophouse on Shelbourne Road is well-known for its fantastic steaks, all of which is aged for at least 35 days. While you can't really go wrong with any of the menu options, we love the beef to share as both the côte de boeuf and porterhouse are absolutely delicious.

7. Tomahawk

Temple Bar

Tomahawk in Temple Bar is a fantastic spot for steak in Dublin. With beef aged for 28 days in the upstairs Dollard & Co. dry ageing chamber, this is only of the only places in Dublin you can get a market price Tomahawk steak, which works out extremely reasonably.

8. Asador

Haddington Road

With its authentic asador grill, this restaurant offers a range of delicious steaks, including striploin and delmonico. All of Asador's steaks are cooked over oak, apple and hickory wood, which gives them a fantastically smoky flavour.

9. Pichet

Trinity Street

This bistro certainly knows how to cook a good steak. Offering a delicious flat iron steak, Pichet offers a classically French take on steak and chips, serving it with Béarnaise. They also offer a fabulous côte de boeuf, so this is definitely the spot to visit when you want to treat yourself to a gorgeous steak in Dublin.

10. Uno Mas

Aungier Street

The salt-aged Delmonico steak with beef dripping potatoes and Béarnaise from Uno Mas is the stuff of legend. The flavour in this sharing dish is phenomenal and definitely worth a heading up to Aungier Street for. 

11. Ely Restaurants 

Ely Place, IFSC and Maynooth

Ely prides itself on its pasture to plate ethos, with their dry-aged organic beef coming from their own family farm in the Burren, while their non-organic beef comes from Meath. The quality of the beef really sings, making Ely one of the best places for steak in Dublin.

12. Host


Host in Ranelagh serves up gorgeous Hannon's rib eyes steaks. Full of flavour and packed with perfect marbling, these massive cuts of beef make Host one of the best places for steak in Dublin.

Where serves up your favourite steak in Dublin? Let us know in the comments below. 

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