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Where To Get Your Spring Roll Fix In Dublin

You need to try these five places.


Is there anything better than a spring roll?

All of your favourite fillings wrapped up together and served in a delicious bite-sized portion, spring rolls make a perfect starter or snack. While it's very satisfying to make your own, there are a few places around Dublin that offer some stellar servings. Check them out below and let us know if we missed your favourite.

1. Bun Cha

Moore Street

Bun Cha is a lovely little Vietnamese restaurant tucked away on Moore Street. Claiming to bridge the gap between Dublin and Hanoi, this eatery sells a couple of different spring rolls, including two rice paper roll varieties that are filled with aromatic veggies, but it's the crispy spring rolls that we can't get enough of. Filled with pork, beef, mushroom and other vegetables, these rolls are deep-fried till crispy and served with dipping sauce. 

Bun Cha crispy spring rolls. Image from www.buncha.ie.
Bun Cha crispy spring rolls. Image from www.buncha.ie.

2. Pang

Kevin Street Lower

When Pang opened up on Kevin Street, we were delighted to see that this gorgeous spot offered authentic Vietnamese food like pho and bánh mí. However, it's the rice paper spring rolls that keep us coming back again and again. Full of spicy meat or tofu, crunchy veg and served with a fragrant dipping sauce, these rolls are super flavourful and filling.

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3. Hang Dai Chinese

Lower Camden Street

Hang Dai is easily one of Dublin's best Chinese restaurants, mainly due to its unique flavours and funky atmosphere. Currently, the restaurant has Wye Valley asparagus spring rolls with kimchi hollandaise on offer, which sounds like one of the most unusual spring rolls in Dublin, so we'd recommend you pop in to try them while you can.

Image from Hang Dai.
Image from Hang Dai.

4. Mak At D6

Cullenswood Road, Ranelagh

While Mak is a little outside the city centre, the food is worth the journey. With two spring rolls on offer here, meat-eaters and vegetarians alike are sure to be satisfied. We particularly like the pork spring rolls, which combine char siu pork with fresh veggies and a sweet chilli sauce, resulting in crispy, crunchy goodness.

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5. Nightmarket 

120 Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Nightmarket is a gorgeously authentic Thai restaurant that specialises in the cuisine of Chiang Mai and Hua Hin. Offering two different varieties of rice paper rolls, we would say that Nightmarket definitely serves some of the best spring rolls in Dublin. The veggie version is packed with avocado and tofu, while the prawn spring roll deliciously combines sweet basil with a fish sauce-based dip. 

Which is your favourite spring roll? Let us know in the comments below.