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Vegan curry house recipes from the Spice Box cookbook by Grace Regan

Potato, spinach & lentil curry

Loaded curry chips

Green curry with haddock

Chicken Katsu Curry

Butter chicken

Slow cook Thai duck curry

Thai green curry

Slow-cooker chicken curry

In the kitchen with Gráinne Mullins

Aubergine, coconut and peanut curry

Chickpea, spinach and squash curry

Go beyond the green curry

Aubergine curry with turmeric cauliflower rice

Thai-Style Clam Curry

Fish curry

Red beef curry

Sri Lankan Cashew Curry

Perkedel Potato Cakes

Beef massaman curry

Prawn, Squash and Spinach Curry

Sarson Ka Saag Paneer

Samantha Mumba and Camile Thai Collaborate on a Signature Veggie Curry


Fish Curry