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Five Places To Get Your Scone Fix In Dublin

These scones are the cream of the crop.


When you say scone, does it rhyme with bone or gone? Either way, scones are a real treat at any time of the day.

While they're pretty easy to make at home, there are a few places around the capital that are serving up some of the best scones in Dublin. If you're looking to get your scone fix in the capital, we think these are the places you should head along to.

1. The Woollen Mills, Lower Ormond Quay

The Woollen Mills offers a range of stellar options, but their in-house baked scones are truly delicious. Sold with Mill's jam and butter, these scones will really set you up for the day. As a bonus, The Woollen Mills has a great breakfast deal available where you can get tea or coffee with a scone for €5.95 before 11.30am. 

2. Keoghs Café, Trinity Street and College Green

Keoghs serves up some of Dublin's best scones, hands down. Absolutely massive in size and full of flavour, you need to try these scones if you're in the area. Keoghs is a nice place to chill out if you have the time, so grab a table and while away the morning with the scone of your choice.

3. Queen of Tarts, Cows Lane and Cork Hill, Dame Street

We've mentioned how much we love Queen of Tarts before, but we really do think that the Dame Street café serves up some of the best scones in Dublin. Their scones are huge and full of flavour, plus the coffee is really good so it's always a good idea to pay Queen of Tarts a visit.

4. Avoca, multiple locations

Avoca's scones are truly something to behold. They have a real handmade look to them, are absolutely massive and are available in a variety of flavours, so you can't go wrong with Avoca's scones. There are five locations spread across Dublin, so find your nearest one and grab a scone.

Avoca scones. From https://www.avoca.com/en/.
Avoca scones. From https://www.avoca.com/en/.

5. Farmhouse Café, Longmile Road

This little café, which is only Monday-Friday, is a real hidden gem. Recently named Café of the Year for 2019 by the McKenna's Guides, Farmhouse Café serves up gorgeous scones with fresh cream, jam and butter. They're all baked in-house and have a buttery, rich flavour to them. 

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Which is your favourite scone? Let us know in the comments below.