FOOD&WINE Magazine has been running its highly successful Restaurant of the Year Awards since 2001. Our awards continue to set the industry standard, being the most authoritative and prestigious awards in the culinary field. However, this year we felt it was time to make a change. The restaurant and dining scene has grown and changed over the last few years, and we want to reflect this in our awards and commend those leading the charge.

FOOD&WINE Dining at Home Award
Take-home options have stepped up a gear and more restaurants are availing of delivery options to re-create that dining out experience in the comfort of their own home. Vote for your favourite Dining at Home option now.

FOOD&WINE Destination Restaurant of the Year Award
There are so many restaurants across Ireland that are worth travelling to for the food alone – those restaurants that are in the middle of nowhere, and yet are still drawing in the crowds. Which one gets your vote?

FOOD&WINE Local of the Year Award
Do you have a neighbourhood eatery that goes the extra mile for its regular customers? This is the type of place where you know you’ll receive a friendly welcome and a good meal. Vote for your favourite local restaurant now.

FOOD&WINE Chef-Driven Menu of the Year Award
This award recognises those menus that pays homage to what’s seasonal, what’s local and what’s available at its best – a vibrant and dynamic menu that changes as regularly as inspiration strikes. Do you know a menu like this? Cast your vote now.

FOOD&WINE Farm to Plate Award
This award recognises those restaurants and chefs whose connection with the land is real and tangible – where supporting local farmers and producers is so much more than a marketing gimmick, but rather a way of life. Vote for your favourite now.

FOOD&WINE ‘Smart’ Award
The ‘Smart’ Award recognises those restaurants that are making the most of modern technology to create a seamless, efficient and easy experience for the customers, from the initial booking right through to paying the bill. Vote now for the FOOD&WINE ‘Smart’ Award.


FOOD&WINE Pub Food of the Year Award
Today’s Irish pub takes on many wonderful guises, and food has become a very important part of the offering. We’re looking for the pub that goes all out to supply its customers with locally sourced, well-executed pub food in the right atmosphere. Vote for your favourite now.

FOOD&WINE Restaurant Bar of the Year Award
This award is all about the pre- and post-dining experience, and recognises those establishments where a good restaurant is supported by an excellent bar experience. Do you know somewhere that fits the bill? Vote now.

FOOD&WINE Café of the Year Award
This category is flying the flag for those daytime eateries that go beyond hot drinks and pastries, offering quality and seasonal food in a relaxed setting. Cast a vote for your most loved café.

FOOD&WINE Hotel Restaurant of the Year Award
Getting a restaurant offering right within a hotel setting can be a tricky business. But some hotel restaurants manage to hit the nail right on the head. We want to know which ones are your favourite.

FOOD&WINE Restaurant with Rooms Award
This category recognises those country houses and B&Bs that offer a dining experience that is second to none and worth travelling for, with the convenience of a place to rest your head nearby after a wonderful meal.

FOOD&WINE Best for Business Award
Do you have a go-to place where you like to conduct your business lunches? If so, this is the category for you. Efficiency, discretion, atmosphere and consistency are all factors that can make or break a working lunch.

FOOD&WINE Best for Brunch
Brunch has experienced something of a popularity explosion over the last few years, but there are some eateries that get it just right. Which one is your favourite?

FOOD&WINE Best for Romance Award
Ambiance, setting, mood and the menu can all contribute to make an evening for two extra special. Is there somewhere you like to wine and dine your loved one? If so, vote for it now.

FOOD&WINE Best for Wine Lovers Award
Wine lovers today are spoiled for choice in Ireland, with carefully edited wine lists, and exciting wine experiences. Vote for your favourite now.

FOOD&WINE Best for Fun Lovers Award
It’s the weekend, you’re heading out with your friends and you want to combine the chats, the tunes and the laughs with an exciting food offering. Thankfully, there are many dining options around the country that cater for just such an occasion. Vote for your favourite now.

FOOD&WINE Best for Families Award
Catering for everyone from tiny tots up to tumultuous teenagers and beloved grandparents is no mean feat, but some restaurants manage to do so with gusto. We would love to hear which restaurants are your favourite for the whole family.

FOOD&WINE Overall Restaurant of the Year Award
This category has been in existence since the awards began 17 years ago. It recognises excellent and outstanding restaurants that are leading the way and making a mark for themselves in the culinary scene.


FOOD&WINE Rising Star of the Year Award
This category recognises the wealth of emerging talent among Ireland’s culinary scene. These are the ones to watch for the future. Do you know someone who fits the bill? They need your vote.

FOOD&WINE Maître D’ of the Year Award
These are the faces that greet you as soon as you arrive, that make you feel at home, at ease, and are ready to cater to your every whim with the minimum of fuss. These are the unsung heroes of the restaurant industry and we want to salute them.

FOOD&WINE Pastry Chef of the Year Award
A good pastry chef is an indispensible part of a restaurant experience. It’s the epilogue to a good meal and the final chance to make a lasting impression on diners. This category pays homage to all those pastry chefs who are masters of their trade. If you’ve had a standout dessert this year, we want to know all about it.

FOOD&WINE Cook of the Year Award
This award leaves the environs of the restaurant kitchen behind and recognises a person – whether a blogger, food writer or self-taught cook – who is making waves in the culinary scene in their own way.

FOOD&WINE Cookbook of the Year Award
Do you have a favourite cookbook that you keep going back to? Is one much more splattered, sprayed and stuck-together than all the others? That’s always the sign of a good cookbook, and we want to know which one is your go-to.

FOOD&WINE Ambassador of the Year Award
This award goes to a person who is championing Irish food across the nation; who gives up their time, energy and expertise to the betterment of food in Ireland.

FOOD&WINE Entrepreneur of the Year Award
This category is in recognition of a savvy businessperson who is constantly ahead of the game, always coming up with new and exciting ways to influence the culinary landscape for the better.

FOOD&WINE Overall Chef of the Year Award
With previous winners along the calibre of Danni Barry, Graham Neville, Ross Lewis and Mickael Viljanen, this award recognises a chef that has set the bar for all others over the last year.

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