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Four Recipes From The Burren Dinners Cookbook

These four recipes come from Trevis L. Gleason's latest cookbook.


Trevis L Gleason, author of Dingle Dinners, recently released his new cookbook, aptly named Burren Dinners, which highlights the food that chefs and producers from the Burren area in County Clare cook when they have family and friends around for dinner. 

With a foreword from Neven Maguire, Trevis L. Gleason's newest book highlights the very best of the Burren. The people, producers and cooks from the area make their local produce into something truly special and these seasonal recipes really help to highlight the magic of this area. 

Award-winning author and chef Trevis has asked the people of the Burren to share their favourite recipes. Most have been influenced by their rugged surroundings, local ingredients and passion for communal dining. Expect to see recipes from everyday favourites like smoked haddock and potato chowder and Doolin bog pie to special occasion dishes like roast Glencarn suckling pig with herb and apple pan sauce, Folk Festival jambalaya and Irish whiskey and sherry trifle. This book showcases a small taste of this beautiful area from the creative, passionate and hard-working lovers of food that live there.

We've picked some of our favourite recipes from the book to share with you, so read on for a sample of the delicious dishes from Burren Dinners.

Courgette Soup With Toasted Seaweed Crackers

"This hearty Hegarty lunch is often served to guests and glampers coming to visit Eva and Stephen's free-range pig farm after a tour of the Burren. Nothing satisfies after a windy hike on the cliffs or up the mountains like a bowl of warm soup." – Trevis on Eva Hegarty's recipe.

Try it out here.

Braised Featherblade Of Beef With Red Wine And Braised Vegetables

"Once you try this neglected cheaper cut of beef you'll be asking your butcher for it regularly. It comes from the shoulder o beef so has great flavour and marbling of fat. The meat braises beautifully and that marbling makes for a rich, luxurious red wine sauce." – David McCann of Dromoland Castle. 

Try the recipe here

Lemon-Garlic Roasted Chicken With Lemon And Thyme Stuffing And Madeira Jus

"For many chefs, the perfectly roasted chicken is both simple joy and unattainable goal. Ronan's version of the bird is quite achievable. It's simple enough for a midweek supper and fine enough for a Sunday lunch." – Trevis on Ronan Kelly's recipe.

Get the recipe here.

Gluten-Free Blackberry, Almond And Cardamom Cake

"This cake is gluten-free by happenstance rather than by design. Almond flour has been used in Mediterranean baking in place of wheat flour for centuries. Make an extra one of these and keep it in the freezer for when friends with gluten issues come to tea." – Brian O'Briain.

Try the recipe here

Recipes extracted from Burren Dinners by Trevis L. Gleason. Photography by Joanne Murphy. Additional photography by Elaine Kennedy, profile photography by Carsten Krieger. Published by The O'Brien Ltd. RRP €24.99.