The famed Rémy Martin Maison

The famed Rémy Martin Maison Rémy Martin

A community of expert growers, a spectacular home in the heart of the Cognac region, and a history stretching back through centuries: Rémy Martin is steeped in heritage. 

The renowned cognac house has always been, and remains, a family business. Today it is run by the Hériard Dubreuil family, who are the 9th generation guardians of the House of Rémy Martin. The story began in 1724 when Rémy Martin, a young winegrower, began selling cognac under his own name.

“We had very humble beginnings, founded in the little town of Cognac, about 110km north of Bordeaux,” explains Rémy Martin Brand Ambassador, Jack Charlton. It is the only major Cognac house to have been founded by a winegrower and the only major house to focus solely on producing highly aromatic Fine Champagne Cognac, right from the heart of the region. 

Jack Charlton, Rémy Martin brand ambassador

Jack Charlton, Rémy Martin brand ambassador

Quality and Consistency

Unlike many houses, Rémy Martin uses a traditional process to distil its cognacs on the lees – with the residual yeast from the winemaking process – in small copper stills. The result is a highly aromatic and balanced spirit with unparalleled aging potential. Complexity has become synonymous with the house. “The main ethos for us is quality and keeping the consistency. At all times those standards must be a priority,” Charlton explains. “If you cut any corners at any stage it really does have a knock-on effect.”

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A community at the heart of it

While it is a global name today, that sense of a family business persists with very talented men and women at the heart of all we do. “The relationship between the house and the winegrowers is amazing, it feels much more like a community. It’s very refreshing to see a global company still so locally minded,” Charlton notes.” In 1965 we created what is known today as the Alliance Fine Champagne right in the heart of the cognac region. It’s a collective of about 900 winegrowers specialising in Fine Champagne Cognacs, which means we are only using grapes coming from the most sought after growing region. There is great communication with the house and growers that runs deeper than just client and customer arrangement. The attention to detail starts at an agricultural stage and ends right up until the last sip of our award-winning cognacs.”

The brand takes its history very seriously and respect for it is woven through much of the business. “People love a good story and around the globe, there is a true affinity for Rémy Martin,” says Charlton. “It’s got a bit of history, fantastic branding, packaging, and incredible liquid.” Much of that personality and history centres on Rémy Martin’s home in Cognac and is unified by our house emblem, the centaur which represents our audacity and ambition.

“We have a beautiful visitors centre right in the heart of the Cognac region that is amazing to visit, it’s like stepping back in time. When you visit you immediately understand why the area is so special and why it has shaped the things we do, I can’t recommend it enough!”

From the past to the future

Unsurprisingly, there is also a fantastic archive of projects on site. Have tastes changed much over the centuries? According to Charlton, while palates may develop, there is something classic at the heart of each expression. “I’ve done a few tastings where we’ve tried rare mothballed projects. They are delicious and you can see the DNA doesn’t change,” he says. “There is a consistency and for us even doing blind samplings of our own products I see this signature running through them. This idea of aromatic intensity, body and mouth feel and keeping that silky finish.”

For a name that has survived the centuries, the future is bright. “We’ve been around since 1724, we’ve been through two world wars and the Phylloxera epidemic [a disease of the vine] in the 1800s. It’s quite humbling to see the journey that Rémy Martin as a house has taken through the years,” Charlton says. “Something that is very important for us is sustainability. It seems to be a very hot topic at the moment, however, it has been second nature to the men and woman in Cognac for generations. When you are relying on the land, there is this sense of duty to preserve it. It goes deeper than just changing plastic straws to paper, it’s a mindset. For us, it's very important.”

In the coming years, the focus is on maintaining quality and continuing to collaborate with new talent that shares the brand’s values, or as Charlton puts it: “Celebrating craftsmanship, talent and where we’re from, our terroir. We're proud to be different and do things in a way that showcases what the region has to offer and produce highly aromatic and complex Fine Champagne Cognacs, hopefully for at least another 300 years!”

The Rémy Martin Collection

One of the house’s iconic expressions is Rémy Martin VSOP. It was first created in 1927 and is light and fresh on the palate, with toasted and vanilla notes. Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal is versatile and works really well served neat, while Rémy Martin XO, a luxurious extra old cognac makes for some excellent pairings with food. Then there are the special limited editions which are always highly sought after.

Currently, there is the Rémy Martin Carte Blanche Merpins Cellar Edition, which was matured in a single vat, and a limited edition Rémy Martin XO bottle in partnership with artist and atelier Steaven Richard.

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