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Salmon starter rotya 19 paul sherwood 196 food and wine awards edit

Elderflower Cured Castletownbere Salmon With Pickled Fennel

This recipe from Garry Hughes, head chef at The Shelbourne, was the starter at the 2019 FOOD AND WINE Awards.

Serving: Serves 20


  • Trout caviar, to garnish

For the salmon:

  • 6kg water
  • 30g ascorbic acid
  • 600g table salt
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 15 pinches white pepper
  • 10 lemons, zested
  • 10 oranges, zested
  • 2kg elderflowers
  • 2kg salmon

For the fennel:

  • 1kg fennel, sliced
  • 500g sugar
  • 500ml water
  • 500ml Champagne vinegar

For the buttermilk foam:

  • 500ml buttermilk
  • 30g Proespuma



  1. For the salmon, bring the water, salt, sugar, ascorbic acid and pepper to boil then pour over the elderflower and zest. Leave to chill. 
  2. Once cool, add the salmon and marinade for 16-20 hours. Rinse under cold water, wrap in a clean dry cloth overnight before slicing the salmon as thick as your index finger, then cut in each slice half lengthways.
  3. For the fennel, add the sliced fennel to a vac-pack bag with the sugar, water and vinegar. Vac-pack and leave to pickle overnight.
  4. To make the foam, whisk together the buttermilk and Proespuma. Place into a charged gas canister.
  5. To serve, place two slices of the salmon on each plate. Add some fennel to each plate, spray on some buttermilk foam and garnish with trout caviar.