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FOOD AND WINE's top 5 burger recipes

Five fantastic burgers to make at home


Sometimes, a great burger is the only thing that hits the spot (served with all the toppings, and sides, of course). 

They're quick and easy to make too and you can tweak and tailor any recipe to your own preference. If you fancy trying your hand at a homemade option, we've rounded up some of the best recipes on the site, from a classic beef burger to a vegetarian option. Check them out below.

The ultimate hamburger

A true classic, this could be the ultimate burger, with pancetta and caramelised onions. It's sure to do the  job for those looking for a meat fix. 

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Spiced lamb burgers

These quick and easy spiced lamb burgers are packed full of flavour thanks to the likes of coriander, paprika, garlic and cayenne pepper. A new favourite!

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Turkey burgers with chanterelles and Gruyère

Forget any notions about dry, tasteless turkey burgers, this recipe from Currabinny's James Kavanagh and William Murray adds bacon and Gruyère cheese for a truly tasty burger. 

Veggie cashew spice burgers 

These tasty dahl burgers are perfect for a mid-week meal or they're great to throw on the grill if you're having a barbecue.

Wagyu beef burger

If you want something a little special, try this wagyu beef burger recipe from Bryan McCarthy at Greene's restaurant.