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Dunnes pie
Cottage pie with Drinagh cheddar mashDunnes Stores Simply Better

Back to school family dinners

Tasty, easy recipes from chef Neven Maguire. In partnership with Dunnes Stores Simply Better


September can be a busy month so celebrity chef and Dunnes Stores Simply Better brand ambassador Neven Maguire has created a range of easy meals that are perfect for the whole family.

From a hearty cottage pie made with an irresistible cheesy mash to a quick pasta bake with prawns and chorizo these simple recipes are sure to become dinner time regulars this autumn. You'll find all the recipes below.

Pesto-stuffed chicken breasts with rustic mixed potatoes

An easy family favourite that combines the delicious flavours of chicken, pesto and Parma ham. You'll want to make the rustic potatoes again and again. Get the recipe here.

Sausage meatballs with tomato & basil sauce

This hearty pasta and meatballs dish is perfect for colder evenings. Tip: make more meatballs than you need and pop them in the freezer for another time. See the full recipe here.

Cottage pie with Drinagh cheddar mash

This classic, comforting cottage pie made with cheesy mash is bound to be a hit with the family. You'll find the full recipe here

Prawn & chorizo rice bake

A quick and easy dish from Neven Maguire that's full of flavour. If you want to give it a try, you can find the full recipe here

Brought to you in partnership with Dunnes Stores Simply Better