It's all about the base apparently. NKD Pizza has just opened its doors on Orwell Road, Rathgar and offers a lighter, healthier option.

The NKD pizza bases are made from 10 different grains including quinoa and amaranth, a super-grain composed of 15-18% protein. The grains are blended in Co Meath before being made into fresh dough in-store and proofing for 48 hours. Proofing is where the dough is left to rest and rise, ensuring a great taste. The NKD pizzas are less processed than other take away pizzas and help to avoid the bloated feeling after eating. 

Try out the NKD pizza offerings like the spicy Sweet Heat, with a sriracha sauce base, mozzarella, piquillo peppers, red onions, mixed peppers, fresh jalapenos and pepper pearls, the Omnivore or Smokehouse, or just make your own. Dessert wise, we'd love the Bia Glanbrise chocolate brownie or some of our favourite Murphy's or Nobó ice cream. 

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