It's the most wonderful time of the year and we're excited that there are Christmas ads back on our screens!

Everyone has a favourite ad, the one you shush everyone for so that you can hear it on your television or the one that you crank up the volume for and sing along to. Often people will stake their claim on one particular brand, pronouncing their advent to be the best each year without fail.

With that in mind, we decided to round up our favourite Christmas food ads for our readers to enjoy, as we couldn't pick just one!

Marks & Spencer- An Extraordinary Gift (2017)

M&S are back at it again in this ad, with Christmas food offerings that look as delectable and glam as possible.

Tesco- Christmas Party Food (2015)

This absolutely gas advert showcases Tesco's party food range while also making a show of a guy whose parents are too cool to have him at their Christmas party.

M&M's- Faint (1996)

Even though it's more than 20 years old, this ad has stood the test of time, with the red M&M and Santa keeling over in shock at the sight of each other.

Aldi- Kevin the Carrot (2016)

In case you didn't know, Kevin the Carrot has become a total phenomenon around the country, with all sorts of stuffed toys and products going on sale to promote him and Christmassy adventures. Here's the Aldi ad from 2016 that started it all.

Denny- He's a Very Good Santa!

With this little girl's bedhead and look of genuine wonder at her brand new bike, this ad from Denny might just be the cutest one on this list.

Lidl- Christmas Moments (2016)

Did anyone else get their heart broken by this Lidl Christmas ad in 2016? Between the family reuniting, the cottage makeover and the massive feast, this one never fails to reduce us to a sobbing mess.

Coca-Cola- Holidays are Coming

A version of this ad has cropped up on our screens every year since possibly the dawn of time. Without fail, this version will always make you smile.

Guinness Christmas Ad (2011)

You'll never feel as proud of Dublin as you do when you watch this ad. As always, don't forget to turn the lights off!

The Kelloggs Christmas Ad

An endearing classic, this ad definitely signals the start of the festive season. Ho ho ho!

BONUS: John Lewis- Man on the Moon

While this advert might not be about food, we can't deny our love for it. A true tearjerker, Man on the Moon is one of John Lewis' best.

What's your favourite Christmas ad? Let us know in the comments below!