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Wicklow Wolf Announces New Home And Sustainability Measures

The company will make the switch from bottles to cans, as well as opening a new eco-friendly brewery in Wicklow.

Wicklow Wolf independent brewing company has announced that it will move into a new, larger brewery in order to reduce its impact on the environment. 

Wicklow Wolf has always been dedicated to sustainability, but the new measures the company has undertaken are set to drastically reduce the brewery's environmental impact. Firstly, the company will move to a new 17,000 square foot premises in Newtownmountkennedy which has been carefully constructed to allow the new brewhouse, tanks and canning line to proceed in a fully sustainable manner, reducing its overall carbon footprint. Wicklow Wolf has also promised to use only 100% renewable electricity in the making of their beer, making it one of the country's most sustainable company's.

The company's new brewery, which will run alongside the original brewery in Bray, is also set to become one of the first in the country to obtain a licence to sell alcohol to visitors at their cellar door. Eventually, the brewery will be open to the public, complete with a taproom and tour, which will allow for the Wicklow Wolf story to be shared with visitors, alongside tastings, food pairings and talks.

Looking After The Environment

The team has also announced a Wicklow Wolf farm in Roundwood, 10 minutes from the brewery, making it the only brewery in Ireland with its own three-acre hop farm. This means that the hops can be harvested at their peak while reducing the company's carbon footprint even further. The natural Wicklow landscape is so important to the company that they have pledged to harness the flavours from its wild terrain and incorporate them into their brews. 

As we all know, bees are currently in great danger, so individuals and businesses around the country (and the world) are doing their best to rehabilitate the environment in order to help these insects rebuild their population. Wicklow Wolf has embraced this concept by planting a thousand native trees onsite to increase biodiversity, while also housing eight beehives to help increase the population – this honey is used in some of the company's limited-edition beers. 

Alongside the new brewery, the Wicklow Wolf team have rebranded their look and made the change from bottles to cans to further highlight their commitment to sustainability. Aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable, making it one of the best materials to use for a sustainable product. The company has announced an all-new look for its cans, which highlight the company's heritage and affinity to the wild surroundings of the Wicklow mountains, as well as displaying the iconic Wicklow Wolf.

Wicklow Wolf's hop farm.
Wicklow Wolf's hop farm.

We spoke to founder Simon Lynch about these new measures to find out what they mean for the brand who said that to him and co-founder Quincey Fennelly, sustainability is key to the brand, "We're lovers of the outdoors, me and Quincey and all our staff actually spend so much time outdoors that we're passionate about the environment. We wanted to give our consumers a chance to drink beer without a guilt conscience. With Wicklow Wolf, consumers, while drinking responsibly, can know that they're enjoying a beer without negative consequences. Over the next few months, the brewery will be fully operational, which is our first goal. We have been so busy over the last five years, but we want to start growing fruit and other ingredients alongside the hops so that we can flavour the beer with them. Growing the hops was a real goal for us, as they're grown without chemicals. In the future, we want to keep developing unique beers, while also working towards total carbon positivity."

For more information on Wicklow Wolf, check out www.wicklowwolf.com or follow @wicklowwolf on social.