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The Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary launches its new alcohol-free cocktail menu

The popular bar is mixing things up again.


It’s still in its first year of operation but The Virgin Mary Bar, Ireland’s first permanent alcohol-free bar, has launched its third drinks menu.

The bar has developed a reputation for its creative cocktails and, as bar manager and creative driving force Anna Walsh explains, the new menu is the result of the team experimenting with new products and ingredients.

“Our new cocktails continue to embody our signature style that is clean, complex and balanced. Moreover, they mark the bar’s first use of interesting products and ingredients such as Three Spirit The Livener, oak smoke, cherry boba pearls, beetroot, peanut powder and eucalyptus.”

Caleno Colada
Caleno Colada

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New additions to the menu include:

The Caleno Colada which contains Caleno, Aecorn Dry, eucalyptus, pineapple, and mango sparkling coconut water.

The PB Sour, made with Seedlip Grove, Three Spirit Social Elixir, powdered peanut, lemon, and demerara sugar.

The Dark & Smoky, which is made with Aecorn Aromatic, Gin-esque, syrah, oak smoke droplets, cherry, and boba pearls.

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Dark & Smoky
Dark & Smoky

There are some new additions to the beer and wine list too, including Torres Natureo Rosé, Sheppy’s Cider and Ambar gluten free lager. As people become more interested in ‘mindful drinking’, non-alcoholic options are becoming increasingly popular. So it comes as little surprise that The Virgin Mary’s parent company, the TVM Bar Group, is set to announce plans for global expansion soon. Watch this space!

The Virgin Mary Bar, 54 Capel St, Dublin 1.