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Get the best of both worlds with Villa Maria's new wine

Get the best of both sauvignon blanc and rosé with Villa Maria Blush Sauvignon, which is now available in Ireland. Brought to you in association with Wines of the World.


Is it Rosé? Is is Sauvignon Blanc? Get the best of both worlds with Villa Maria's newest wine, Blush Sauvignon. 

Straight from the grassy surrounds of New Zealand, Villa Maria's newest wine has landed in Ireland via Wines of the World. Priced at €14 (RRP), Blush Sauvignon is made with 90 per cent sauvignon blanc and ten per cent merlot, resulting in a beautifully pale pink wine. 

Millennial pink was named colour of the year by Pantone in 2016 - it's officially known as Rose Quartz 13-520 - and five years on, the colour is still hugely popular. Drinks, foods, interiors, homeware and more - if you can dream it, you can buy it in a pink hue. 

Speaking about this colour trend, Sarah Szegota, head of marketing at Villa Maria, says that it seems like everyone is drinking pink right now.

“Instagram feeds and social occasions are dominated by the fun-factor that pale rosés and pink spirits offer, and data highlights this rapid growth in rosé. Yet despite all the noise, growth and ‘grams’, the rosé category remains dwarfed by sauvignon blanc. Villa Maria Sauvignon Blush gives you the best of both," Szegota explains of the new wine. 

“We’ve taken the cool, fresh, leap from our world-renowned sauvignon blanc and added a splash of merlot to make a wine with a delicate pink hue, bursting with fresh flavours of passionfruit and cranberry.”

New Zealand's wine-growing regions are known for their cooler climates which help to add freshness and natural acidity to the Villa Maria Blush Sauvignon. As summer kicks off down under, a pale fruit wine like this is the perfect tipple to carry us through winter and remind us that sunny days will come again. 

Villa Maria Blush Sauvignon is perfect for alfresco dining and in our new world of outdoor dining, we imagine this wine will appear at many dinner tables and get-togethers this year. Szegota reckons that an icy aperitif is the best way to drink it. 

“For a fruity alternative, pour over ice with a raspberry and a basil leaf - it's delicious!” Szegota says of her favourite way to enjoy the new wine.

Having already made a splash in its native New Zealand, as well as the UK and holiday hotspots in Europe, Villa Maria Blush Sauvignon is available in selected Tesco stores. You can also find it at winesoftheworld.ie, proudly distributed by Barry & Fitzwilliam.

Brought to you in association with Wines of the World