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Vice Coffee launches at-home Irish Coffee kits

Making this classic cocktail at home has now become a breeze...


Most Irish Coffees are too sweet, too big, and way too unbalanced. But thanks to Vice Coffee, you can now sip on the ultimate Irish coffee without even leaving the couch. 

In true Irish fashion, we blink and Spring is suddenly over. The sun has once again tucked itself behind dark, grey clouds, the light cool Spring breeze has turned into baltic gale-force winds and the downpouring of rain is back to haunt us.

And on wet, dreary nights in (like tonight!), there's just one cure: Irish Coffee. The combination of a smooth Irish whiskey with rich black coffee that's sweetened and topped with cream is an absolute delight sure to brighten any gloomy evening. It's cosy, delicious and extremely comforting. 

Although made up of just four ingredients (Irish whiskey, coffee, sugar and cream), mastering the art of Irish Coffee is no easy task. The coffee has to be strong and the whiskey has to be Irish...or else it is not an Irish coffee. Most Irish Coffees are too sweet, too big, and way too unbalanced making it almost impossible to enjoy one at home. 

Until now, that is. 

Vice Coffee Inc has just launched it's very own Irish Coffee Cocktail. Made using a unique blend of single-origin coffee from Colombia (roasted by Imbibe Coffee Roasters, Rialto), Teeling Small Batch Whiskey (from the Liberties) and sweetened with a hint of Demerara Syrup, Vice Coffee have expertly concocted the ultimate Irish Coffee so you don't have to. The pre-batched Irish Coffee Cocktail simply needs to be reheated and comes with detailed instructions that anyone can follow. There's also the option to make it a kit with the addition of Georgian Irish Coffee Glasses– all you’ll need to do is supply and shake the cream. Speaking on their latest release, Tom Stafford, owner of Vice Coffee Inc told Food&Wine: 

We’ve always wondered if we could create a pre-batched Irish Coffee Cocktail that you can simply reheat at home. We’ve been working on this recipe for quite some time and we’re super happy with the results of our St Paddy’s Day release – making this quintessential after-dinner drink at home has now become a breeze

The 500ml bottle is priced at €22.50 and includes enough to make four drinks. Orders are now open and can be placed here. Available for nationwide delivery or collection from their location in Wigwam on Abbey Street, Dublin 1 from Friday, March 12. Be quick though – there’s only a limited amount in this release.

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