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Una healy the restaurant
Una Healy with chefs Stephen McAllister, Louise Lennox and Gary O'Hanlon.Image from Virgin Media Television/The Restaurant

Two New Television Shows To Keep An Eye Out For

The Restaurant kicks off tonight, while Ready, Steady, Cook is set to debut in 2020.


The Restaurant starts back on Virgin Media One tonight, while a new version of Ready, Steady Cook is set to debut in 2020.

Shows about food and cooking are having a bit of a moment right now, with every channel seemingly airing a new one every day. While some are great and some are a little less appealing, we're loving the abundance of food-related media on television right now.

Debuting tonight on Virgin Media One is the new season of The Restaurant, which sees a different celebrity every week team up with chefs Stephen McAllister, Gary O'Hanlon and Louise Lennox at Marco Pierre White Courtyard Bar & Grill Donnybrook to create a three-course menu for a room full of diners. The celebrity's food is then judged by Marco Pierre White and Rachel Allen, who are kept in the dark about who the mystery celebrity is while dining. The lucky celebrity is able to keep track of the judges' comments throughout the meal via screens and speakers in the kitchen. At the end of the episode, each celebrity heads out to the dining room floor to reveal their identity and receive their judgement from Marco and Rachel.

Tonight's episode will see Una Healy, formerly of pop group The Saturdays, head into the kitchen to create a menu inspired by her childhood in Tipperary. Starters include roasted tomato soup with spinach ravioli and crab claws with porridge bread, while Una's main course of pan-fried cod with brown butter and champ was inspired by her confirmation meal. So far so good, but it looks like her second main course won't be a hit with the judges, as she served up rib-eye steak accompanied with takeaway-style spice bag chips. Upon seeing this dish on the menu, Marco commented, "Let a celebrity loose in the kitchen and anything can happen.", so you'll have to tune in to get his full reaction and see how the judges score Una's menu.

After Marco's recent comments regarding women in the kitchen, we're disappointed with the formerly great chef, so we will be giving The Restaurant a miss tonight. If you are planning to watch, The Restaurant kicks off at 9pm on Virgin Media One tonight.

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Ready, Steady, Cook

Another new show that we're excited to see hit our television screens is the reboot of Ready, Steady, Cook. Set to kick off in 2020, the new version of the show will be hosted by Celebrity Masterchef finalist and former X Factor contestant Rylan Clark. This all-new Ready, Steady, Cook will see two contestants each week paired up with a chef to go head-to-head through two taste tests.

The first challenge will require contestants to bring in their own ingredients, bought within a strict £10 budget, create a delicious dish that fits the round's them, which will include healthy eating, family favourites and more, all in just 20 minutes. The second challenge will task contestants creating a dish based on audience ingredient cards in just 10 minutes! At the end of each episode, the audience will determine the winner, casting their vote with the iconic red tomato and green pepper voting cards.

A number of chefs are set to take part in this reboot, including Mike Reid, Romy Gill, Akis Petretzikis, Ellis Barrie and Anna Haugh, who was recently named our International Chef of the Year at the 2019 FOOD AND WINE Awards in association with Rémy Martin.

While we will certainly remain nostalgic for the classic Ainsley Harriot version of Ready, Steady, Cook, we're extremely excited for the new version, especially as one of our own will be taking part!

The Ready, Steady Cook reboot is due to air on BBC One in 2020, so we'll be sure to update you when we have more information. 

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