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Sidecar leading lady cocktail

The Sidecar's new cocktail menu is full of 1930s glamour

The fully-illustrated new menu helps to detail the cocktails' history.


The Sidecar Bar at The Westbury has launched a glamorous new cocktail menu, named Of Tall Tales and Cocktails, and we absolutely love it. 

Available for purchase for €25, this isn't your average cocktail menu. Of Tall Tales and Cocktails is packed with gorgeous illustrations from Red Branch Hospitality, who also did the design for Balfes and Wilde at The Westbury, showing the curious origins of each of the cocktails included in the book.

Each cocktail on the menu is inspired by a classic drink with a unique twist from the team at The Sidecar. The accompanying images and descriptions detail each cocktail's origins, facts about the drink and more, so that you can learn more about your favourite drink as the bartenders mix it up to your liking.

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For instance, Martini fans can not only learn of the drink’s origins but sample the new Sidecar Martini, which is made with a delicious mix of Bombay Sapphire Gin or Grey Goose Vodka with The Sidecar Vermouth blend made on The Sidecar’s glamorous Martini trolley right beside your table. Decide if you want a Vesper (shaken with both gin and vodka), Gibson (garnished with a pickled onion), Wet (more Vermouth) or Dry (less Vermouth) and it will be created especially for you. 

The cocktails are priced between €15 and €18, while guests who wish to take home something to remember their evening in The Sidecar can purchase the hardback menu for just €25.

For more details, click here.

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