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The big treat trends for 2020

Baileys' first treat report is giving us lots of ideas.


From the colour - yes, really - that is set to be everywhere to the unexpected return of some classic flavours, here are just some of the big treat stories for 2020.

Baileys teamed up with Pinterest and experimental gastronomy studio Kitchen Theory to discover the key treat trends we can expect to see (and taste) this year. As the move towards "thoughtful indulgence" increases, here are some of the treats we may be indulging thoughtfully in this year. 

All bright: blue foods

It could be inspired by Instagram, or perhaps the need to bring some brightness into the every day, but food is set to get a lot more colourful. In particular, the report found that blue food is going to hit the mainstream and one ingredient is leading the charge: butterfly pea flower.

Hailed as the new matcha, the pea flower has colour changing properties - it turns from blue to pink - and is already making an appearance in drinks and dishes. The standout for 2020 is set to Butterfly Pea flower bubble tea, a blue-hued version of the popular Taiwanese drink.

Purple yam and orach (a purple spinach-like vegetable) are also set to be more widely available, giving lots of creative opportunities to experimental foodies and mixologists.

Sweet treats: cake pops

They’ve been around for a while, though we have to say we haven’t seen many recently, but cake pops are on the way back. The lollipop/cake hybrids make a fun alternative to classic desserts and the report reckons they’re set to be the number one home baking trend this year

“Over the past year, Pinterest has seen a 50% increase in people on the platform searching for cake pop recipes, with Christmas and unicorns heading up the inspiration hit list,” says Ruby Sharma Partner Manager at Pinterest. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to flavours and decorations: think sprinkles, gooey fillings and drip cake techniques. Want to give them a try? Check out our doughnut cake pops recipe.

In the mix: savoury AND sweet

With all this sweet goodness, it’s interesting to hear that one of the big trends is going to be teaming sweet and savoury flavours. Searches for tahini brownies have seen 157% year on year growth on Pinterest as people really embrace the idea of a hit of salty, savouriness in deserts and puddings. Spices, beetroot and bacon are also expected to be used a lot more in this way.

“People are more accepting and excited by savoury flavours,” says Anna Higham Head of Bread and Pastry at Lyles and Flor in the UK. “We’ve seen truffle, caviar, seaweed all making their way onto restaurant menus in the last couple of years. The way chefs construct desserts is changing too, it’s not just the sweet end to a meal but a course that has to be as balanced, as delicious, as thought out as the rest of their menus.”

A taste of nostalgia: classic flavours 

Classic flavours are on their way back, according to the experts, with many seeing a contemporary spin as they return to our dinner tables. Apple pie with cinnamon, rice pudding, banana splits, and bread and butter puddings have all been highlighted as much-loved retro dishes that could be back on our menus in 2020.

It’s all about nostalgia, comfort and enjoying good food made with great ingredients. If you want to give it a go, check out Kevin Dundon’s pear bread and butter pudding for a fruity twist on the classic dessert.