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Perfect coffee moments with Nespresso Professional

The Nespresso Momento machine features innovative touchless technology for perfect coffee and peace of mind. Brought to you in partnership with Nespresso Professional.


As you emerge back into a changed world – and workplace – health and safety are more important than ever. 

With that in mind, Nespresso Professional has added a trio of clever new innovations to the Nespresso Momento range to help give you peace of mind. Now you can select and brew your coffee of choice without touching the machine. So you can focus on enjoying your perfect coffee moment in comfort and safety, every time.

The Nespresso Momento
The Nespresso Momento

The new touchless functions include:

  1. Lock-screen – the lock-screen option means that every user can disinfect the touch screen easily and quickly before using it. 
  2. Automatic brewing – the Nespresso Momento’s clever capsule recognition feature means that, once you pop in your capsule of choice, the machine will recognise the inserted capsule and will brew the coffee to perfectly fit the cup size. 
  3. Remote control – you can now control the machine from your mobile via a simple app. Insert your favourite coffee capsule into the machine and choose your cup size and recipe directly from your phone. Then simply grab your coffee and go.

You can also add the new single-touch Nespresso capsules dispensers to ensure that everyone feels comfortable making their favourite coffee. 

New arrivals

How do you take your coffee? Are you an espresso fan or do you veer more towards a cappuccino or a latte? If you prefer a milky coffee, you’re not alone as research carried out by Nespresso Professional revealed that 74 per cent of coffee drinkers opt to team it with milk. 

Now you can be your very own barista and experiment with all sorts of milky recipes thanks to two new additions in the Nespresso Creations range. 

Bianco Delicato and Bianco Intenso were created to work beautifully with milk, so whether you want a sweeter drink or something more intense, it’s time to get creative. 

Offers a more intense flavour, thanks to a split roasting technique. The blend, which is mainly Colombian Arabicas, is roasted in two ways – one part dark and the other light. Adding milk reveals the coffee’s sweet and nutty cereal notes for an intense, but balanced, cup. 

Works well with milk in smooth and sweet recipes. The blend, which features Kenyan Arabicas, is very lightly roasted to bring out a natural sweetness in the coffee. Expect caramel and biscuit notes when you combine it with milk.

Check out the new website, nespressoforbusiness.ie, to learn more about Nespresso coffees, machines 
and accessories and to follow the journey of a Nespresso Professional capsule from bean to 
sustainably-produced cup.